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Friday, March 27, 2015

LANEIGE Launches New Firming Sleeping Mask During Sleep Awareness Month #LaNeige


la neige sleeping maskLANEIGE, a leading Korean skincare brand, expanded its presence in the U.S. this March by adding the Firming Sleeping Mask and four other skincare products to its beauty portfolio, available exclusively at Target and Target.com. Following the success of Water Sleeping Mask, LANEIGE worldwide bestseller with one sold every 15 seconds, and the growing popularity of the sleeping mask category, the introduction of the Firming Sleeping Mask to the U.S. market will not only support the increasing demand among beauty-conscious consumers, but will also help address one of the nation's biggest health concerns – lack of sleep. 

Sleep deprivation is one of the major concerns in the U.S., with over 73 percent of Americans getting less than eight hours of sleep per night1. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this public health epidemic leads to increased rates of chronic illnesses, mortality and reduced quality of life and productivity2. In addition, a clinical trial conducted by University Hospitals Case Medical Center, found a link between sleep deprivation and accelerated skin aging3. As a part of the brand's anti-aging collection, LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Mask helps strengthen the skin's regenerative ability by improving the quality of sleep with patented Sleepscent technology.

In a proprietary study by AmorePacific R&D center, Sleepscentdemonstrated that aroma-therapeutic properties help relax mind and body by promoting deeper, more restful sleep. This patented fragrance technology, containing orange flower, rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil, helps improve the quality of sleep by prolonging the REM3 and REM4 stages, that denote deep sleep, reducing body movements by 60 percent and increasing the proportion of deep sleep hours by 36 percent. 

In addition to sleep inducing qualities, LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Mask features Memory Form Gel technology, that accelerates skin's elasticity retention and SleePoptechnology that helps restore skin firmness overnight with resilience-building GABA peptides and hydrating tuberose.

The LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Mask and LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask are available at Target stores and on Target.com for $30 and $23, respectively.


LANEIGE is committed to helping you achieve younger, more radiant skin through Advanced Water Science Technology. After 20 years of research, only LANEIGE Laboratories have unleashed scientifically engineered, skin-perfecting mineral water clinically proven to hydrate, protect and revitalize individual skin types. The result is 24-hour hydration and protection against sun, pollution and stress. Through its mastery of the science of water, LANEIGE brings skincare to a new level of excellence. LANEIGE products utilize proprietary water complexes - Hydro Ionized Mineral Water and Ceramide Corrective Water – to address the most common skincare concerns and new Biogen Technology that activates and increases the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor levels that are vital to the absorption of essential moisture, while alerting the skin to strengthen its barrier, preventing future moisture loss and maintaining adequate moisture levels. The LANEIGE collection is available in the U.S. exclusively at 749 select Target stores and nationwide at Target.com with prices ranging from $20-45.

1 Klein, S. (Ed.). (2014, November 26). A Staggering Number Of Americans Say They Don't Get Enough Sleep. Retrieved March 23, 2015, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/26/nat-geo-sleep-survey_n_6219272.html
2 Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic. (2014, January 13). Retrieved March 23, 2015, from http://www.cdc.gov/features/dssleep/
3 Emling, S. (Ed.). (2013, July 24). Sleep Deprivation Linked To Aging Skin, Study Suggests. Retrieved March 23, 2015, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/24/sleep-deprivation-effects-aging-skin_n_3644269.html



Review: Noer Organics Luxury Skincare #NoerOrganics #Skincare

(photos courtesy of www.noerorganics.com)
Noer Organics is a luxury organic skincare line that uses only the best plants/botanicals in their products. They believe in wildcrafting of plants the sustainable harvesting of plants from their natural or wild habitat. Their products contain only the highest quality ingredients and they cater to individuals who want only the best products on the market. Noer Organics products are infused with precious gemstones, such as Rose Quartz (stone of love). I was extremely lucky enough to try out three of their products recently and I am happy to report on them. Read on to see what my thoughts are…

Clean Embrace Polishing Powder 3.3 oz./100 mL $73.99
Noer Organics Clean Embrace Polishing Powder
Usually physical exfoliants are very grainy and too harsh on the skin. Not so with the Noer Organics Clean Embrace Polishing Powder. This is just about the one of the smoothest, finest exfoliants I have ever seen. It contains 30 different ingredients, including cinnamon, rice bran, Australian pink clay, white kaolin clay, raw cacao, oats and baking soda to help rid the skin of pore clogging dead skin cells and sebum. It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. 

This is definitely the best “scrub” I have had the pleasure of using. Noer Organics describes using this as being akin to the mythical Phoenix, with skin being reborn from the ashes. Skin feels like velvet and you will want to use this everyday. And you can because it is that gentle. I would recommend this for any skin type, even acneic skins. So, if you want a luxurious glow to your skin, this is your answer. Follow with The Masquerade Purifying Mask once or twice a week depending on skin type. 

The Masquerade Purifying Mask 3.3 fl.oz./100 mL $96.19
Noer Organics The Masquerade Purifying Mask
Masks are essential to help keep skin looking and feeling good. They clean up skin, drawing out impurities from the pores, moisturizing and leaving skin glowing. This mask, The Masquerade Purifying Mask, is a wonderful mask. It is made with different clays (Australian midnight black clay, Rhassoul clay, Australian ivory clay, French pink clay and kaolin pink clay) and things like buttermilk and mung beans. There are 40 different ingredients in this mask. It even has activated charcoal, which really draws out impurities from the pores. 

After using it, skin feels invigorated, clean, soft and “born again” renewed. This is also for all skin types, and can be used once or twice a week depending on skin type. For dry skins, once a week is good. For oily or acneic skins, I would recommend twice a week. It comes in a powder form, all you have to do is mix it with water and apply to your face. Wait until it is completely dry then wash off with warm water. Follow with The Nourishment Facial Elixir or The Renewal Facial Elixir depending on skin concern.

The Nourishment Facial Elixir 0.85 fl.oz./25 mL $214.57
Noer Organics the Nourshment Facial Elixir
Serums are an essential part of the skincare routine. They are the main treatment part of the routine, doing things like adding essential moisture and alpha hydroxy acids to help exfoliate the skin. The Nourishment Facial Elixir is a velvety serum that contains Rose Quartz and is a hydrating “cocktail” with very high concentrations of botanical actives. It contains over 30 exotic ingredients that will care for the skin, enhancing it and nourishing it. Think of it as a skin food, leaving it soft and illuminated. It contains many vitamins, anti-oxidants, floral extracts and rare oils. Some examples of this are: plum kernel oil, tamanu oil, pomegranate oil, broccoli seed oil, Barbary fig oil, blackcurrant oil, saffron, and lactobacillus/salix alba bark ferment filtrate to name just a few. 

When you use this oil you definitely feel that your skin is in the hands of a luxurious serum. It goes on the skin and sinks in, leaving skin feeling so soft and smooth. I tried a small vial of this and was not able to use it for a very long time, just a couple of weeks. But I do feel that this serum is probably the most luxurious serum I have ever used. The ingredients in it are very expensive and are ones that do hydrate the skin very well. Skin feels very soft and glows. It is recommended that it be worn under makeup (just a very tiny drop is needed for this). Also, use this on the neck and décolleté too, since they are an extension of the face for skincare purposes. At night, use a few drops to make sure and apply enough for the entire face, neck and décolleté. I would recommend this for normal, dry and oily skins but not acneic skins. Oilier skins should avoid the T-Zone with this. If there are breakouts I would not use this serum. 

Noer Organics is a beautiful line. They have more products, a cleansing balm, moisturizers and even an Elixir that is available by invitation only. This one is very exclusive and is made in small batches every year. Once it is gone, it is gone for the entire year. Noer Organics is based in the United Kingdom but they do ship to the United States, around Europe and the United Arab Emirates. When you go to the site you can get the prices of the products in those respective currencies. 

Noer Organics is available from www.noerorganics.com. Like Noer Organics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoerOrganics; Follow Noer Organics on Twitter: NoerOrganics; Follow Noer Organics on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/noerorganics/; Follow Noer Organics on Instagram: https://instagram.com/noerorganicsatelier/ and Follow Noer Organics on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Noerorganics/posts

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray #GoldBond #PowderSpray

(photo courtesy of www.goldbond.com)

gold bond no mess powder spray

If you are a fan of Gold Bond Powder, you will be happy to know that you can get all of the cooling, drying power of this product now in a refreshing, no-mess spray! Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray is an excellent spray that delivers powder right where you want it. It has a 360° valve that lets you spray in any direction, even upside down! Application is quick and easy. It comes in two scents, Classic Scent and Fresh Scent. Classic Scent has menthol and Fresh Scent has aloe. This powder spray is perfect before work, the gym, any physical activity, after taking a shower, etc. Use it when you need to stay cool, dry and comfortable all day long. This powder spray is cooling, absorbing, and relieving. It does not contain any CFC’s.

To use: Shake well and spray 6’”-8” from skin and spray evenly for approximately 2-3 seconds. Do not spray directly on clothes. It dries right away, so no need to wait for it dry before putting on clothing. 

How does this spray perform? Is it comparable to the powder? I had never tried out the powder but my husband had. I liked this spray a lot. It is very easy to use and definitely works well. It sprays in any direction, so that is a good thing. I was able to try out the Fresh Scent. It contains aloe, bisabolol and ginger root extract. These ingredients are moisturizing and soothing to the skin. After spraying skin immediately feels fresh and cool. The feeling lasts for a few minutes but skin does stay “cool and comfortable” for hours. My husband used this and felt that the spray performed better than the powder since there was no mess, which is how this is advertised. He did like it much more. I would also rather prefer a no mess spray to a messy powder.

Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray comes in a 7 oz./198 g spray bottle and retails for around $6.99. It is available online from www.drugstore.com, www.amazon.com, www.cvs.com, www.walgreens.com, www.walmart.com, www.target.com, www.americarx.com, www.medshoprx,com, www.medichest.com and www.harmon.com. It is also available from mass market retailers nationwide, such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, K-Mart, Wegmans and Meijer to name a few. Like Gold Bond on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldbond.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Review: Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream #GoldBond #Cream #KeratosisPilaris

(photo courtesy of www.goldbondultimate.com)
gold bond rough and bumpy skin daily therapy cream
If you suffer from keratosis pilaris (a skin disorder that makes dead skin cells build up in the hair follicles/pores) or just rough, dry and bumpy skin, then this cream is perfect for you! Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream is for those rough,”chicken skin” bumps on the skin that do not respond to any other skin creams or treatments. These bumps appear on the back of arms, buttocks and thighs. These bumps are often frustrating and extremely embarrassing. This cream also helps rough, dry skin on elbows, knees and feet.

This cream is meant as to be a daily moisturizing cream. The 2-in-1 formula exfoliates and moisturizes, as that is what is needed to get rid of the bumps, the rough skin and keep skin looking great. A triple exfoliating complex formula contains alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids.  These exfoliate deep within the hair follicles and slough off dead skin, helping to rid it of the the bumps. It also exfoliates the rough skin on the very dry areas. Eight intensive moisturizers condition and soften extremely dry skin. With continued use, skin will be soft, smooth and less bumpy.

Clinical testing has proven this cream quite effective. In tests, 90% said this cream made their skin softer and smoother in just 1 week. A reduction of keratosis pilaris bumps was experienced by 72% in 4 weeks. Also in 4 weeks, 89% said that they experienced less bumpy skin and much softer, smoother skin.

Apply to skin as often as needed to treat bumps and rough skin. If applying after bathing, wait until skin is completely dry so that it works better. Apply sunscreen on areas when outside to prevent sun sensitivity, as the exfoliant acids can cause this. Discontinue use of this cream if any irritation or burning occurs.

I have suffered from keratosis pilaris for as long as I can remember. The treatments that I have heard for this have often been something of a joke. “Use a scrub.” Well I can tell you from experience that scrubbing actually made it worse, as it just made more of the dead skin cells build up in the hair follicles (pores). Chemical exfoliation is a better way to go over physical exfoliation as it is gentler. Using this cream is a great way to get rid of the bumps. It really does work. All of the acids (salicylic acid, sugar cane, urea, citrus fruit extracts and ginger root extract) work great at getting rid of the dead skin that clogs up the pores, thus ridding the skin of keratosis pilaris. Urea is a great exfoliant, one of the best actually. It originally comes from pregnant mares but they can synthesize it, so I don’t think you need to worry about the source. As for rough dry skin, it also gets rid of it. Skin is exfoliated and then moisturized with shea butter, cocoa butter, panthenol, jojoba, aloe and camellia to name a few of the wonderful moisturizers in this formula. What is also nice about this formula is that it is light and sinks right into the skin, not so heavy that it sits on top. I am very happy with this cream and will continue to use it so that my nasty keratosis pilaris does not come back!

Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream comes in a 8 oz./226 g tub and retails for about $11.49. It is available online from www.drugstore.com, www.amazon.com, www.cvs.com, www.walgreens.com, www.walmart.com, www.target.com, www.americarx.com, www.medshoprx,com, www.medichest.com and www.harmon.com. It is also available from mass market retailers nationwide, such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, K-Mart, Wegmans and Meijer to name a few. Like Gold Bond on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldbond?fref=ts.

Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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Review: Ignite Dietary Supplement with Garcinia Cambogia #Ignite

 ignite with garcinia cambogia

I have gained 15 lbs. over the past year due to mobility issues. So I thought trying this dietary supplement out would be a good idea. Garcinia Cambogia is supposed to be very good for weight loss. This supplement, Ignite Garcina Cambogia, is a 100% natural no GMO supplement. You take 2 capsules per day. Over the last month I took 2 capsules daily and did not lose a single pound. My appetite did not decrease at all. I was really hoping this would work. I am very disappointed that it did not. It may work for others but I did not find success with it. Someone else might have better luck because the other reviews are better.

It comes with 60 capsules for a month’s supply. I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

This supplement is available from Amazon.com for $27.90. Here is the link: http://amzn.to/1D17QQl.

Opti Nutrients makes this product and their website is http://optinutrients.com



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Vice LTD Eye Shadow Palette #urbandecay #viceltd

This spring Urban Decay released a special Limited Edition eye shadow palette for Ulta Beauty. It is called the Vice LTD Eye Shadow Palette and it is a fun palette. I have been having a great time with this palette. There are 20 shadows in this palette, 5 of them new. All of them are treated to Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System, which makes them have awesome pigment! This is the first time that many of the shadows have been available with the new revamped pigment system. The neon green case opens with a touch of the button, the case is bejeweled with a UD on top. 

What makes this palette so great is that the shadows are all varied and the shades are so rich and creamy. The metallic shades are extremely pigmented, more so than any of the other shades. I also think that the matte shades are somewhat soft and have good payoff but not as much as the metallic shades. The micro-glitter shades are nice too, and the micro-glitter is not too big. There are even glitter shades and the glitter in those shades is a little too big, noticeable on the eyes. I’m not really a fan of the glitter shades. The satin shades are nice, they go on the eyes smoothly and are well pigmented. All in all I am very happy with this palette. I was lucky enough to use my Ulta rewards points with this!

(photo courtesy of www.ulta.com)
urban decay vice ltd palette

The shadows in this palette are as follows:
  • Nameless (medium taupe satin)
  • Backdoor (cool dark brown matte)
  • Deeper (metallic medium bronze)
  • Disco (pale metallic gold w/iridescent glitter)
  • Heat (bright metallic copper)
  • Crystal (icy metallic blue shimmer)
  • Goddess (deep smoky blue w/micro-glitter)
  • Vaporize (medium metallic gray-taupe)
  • Floss (deep metallic emerald w/micro-glitter)
  • Perversion (soft black matte)
  • Provocateur (icy metallic pink w/micro-glitter)
  • Hoodoo (medium metallic violet w/pink shift)
  • Freakshow (bright purple satin)
  • Junkshow (bright pink satin)
  • Blitz (bright metallic gold)
  • Chase (soft metallic bronze)
  • Last Sin (pale champagne shimmer)
  • Roadstripe (iridescent white w/blue-violet shift)
  • Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte)
  • Laced (soft pink-nude matte)

Swatches of the colors:
swatches of the Urban Decay Vice LTD palette_first two rowsswatches of the Urban Decay Vice LTD palette_second two rows

(above left to right 1st photo: Nameless, Backdoor, Deeper, Disco, Heat, Crystal, Goddess, Vaporize, Perversion) (above left to right 2nd photo: Provocateur, Hoodoo, Freakshow, Junkshow, Blitz, Chase, Last Sin, Roadstripe, Anonymous, Laced) 

Looks with the Vice LTD palette:
UD Vice LTD look with eyes open nudeUD Vice LTD Look with eyes closed nude

(above: Deeper in the crease with Backdoor below to deepen the crease and lining the bottom lid, Nameless on the lid and Chase in the middle to make lid pop and Anonymous below brow. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in Black Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Black)

UD Vice LTD _purple look eyes openUD Vice LTD_purple look eyes closed

(above: Freakshow in the crease and lining the bottom lid, Hoodoo on the lid and Roadstripe below the brow. Purple liner is UD 24/7 Glide-On in Retrograde, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Black)

UD Vice LTD Look eyes open blue eye linerUD Vice LTD Look eyes closed_blue eyeliner

(above: Laced in the crease with Crystal on the lid and Roadstripe under the brow. Hoodoo is lining under the eye. Lime Crime Blue Milk is lining the top lid, essence Get Big Lashes! Mascara in Black)

The Vice LTD Eye Shadow Palette is available from www.ulta.com and in Ulta Beauty stores and retails for $58.00. Like Ulta Beauty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ULTA; Follow Ulta Beauty on Twitter: @ULTA_Beauty; Follow Ulta Beauty on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ultabeauty/; Follow Ulta Beauty on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/follow/ultabeauty/; Subscribe to Ulta Beauty on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ultabeauty and Follow Ulta Beauty on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/ulta_beauty.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

Review: Glossybox Monthly Beauty Box #Glossybox #monthlybeautybox

 Today I have the opportunity to review the February Glossybox. Glossybox is one of the most successful monthly beauty box subscriptions on the internet. I am a huge fan of Glossybox. Their boxes have great products that are all high-end brands and are almost all full size. The review you will see below is my honest review. I am a current fan of the site and have been a subscriber for a while. 

A subscription to Glossybox costs $21.00 per month and for that you get 5 full and deluxe size products. The products are niche, high end and emerging brand products. The Glossybox staff scours the globe for products that will fit with your life and are on-trend. They have over 400 brands in their repertoire! A 6 month plan is $126.00 paid in full and a 12 month plan $220.00 paid in full. There are also limited edition boxes that come out every so often that sell out so fast, these boxes are around $40-$50 per box. They usually have one for each holiday (such as Mother’s Day, holiday season, etc.) Below is a picture sample of one of the past limited edition Glossybox. The products come in chic, reusable boxes. Trust me, I reuse the heck out these great boxes. I store makeup and essentials in them! Inside each box is a sheet describing each product as well as tips and tricks on how to use them. When you first sign up, you fill out a beauty profile. This way Glossybox knows your likes and dislikes. The boxes are tailored to fit your individual needs, the products customized for you. Another great thing about Glossybox is that they have surveys you can take and earn points for a free box. The surveys are short and basically discuss the products you received in the previous month’s box. 

(photo courtesy of www.glossybox.com)
limited edition glossybox

The February Glossybox came with the following: Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator (full size $25.00), Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel Sensation in Yogi Flow (full size $15.00), Julep Color Treat in Heartleigh (full size $14.00), Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner (deluxe size and full size is $36.00) and Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink (full size $14.00). 

(below left to right: The outside of the February Glossybox. open the box and see the tips and tricks under the bow and the tissue paper. Then undo the bow to see the actual products. Take them out to see the full size and deluxe size products.)

February Glossybox_outsideFebruary Glossybox insideFebruary Glossbox_inside2February Glossybox products

Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator
I love the Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator. It starts off with the microbeads and a gel cleanser. As the water hits the skin the beads dissolve, leaving skin feeling soft and vibrant. This cleanser is non stripping to the skin. The natural moisture barrier is not disturbed, which is good. Scalisi Skincare has a real winner with this cleanser! It Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel in Yogi Flowcomes in a 3.4 fl.oz./100 mL tube and can be purchased from
www.scalisiskincare.com for $25.00. 

Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel Sensation in Yogi Flow (Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil) is indulgence itself. It turns into a rich foam when it comes into contact with water. This is like showering with a rich, soft and sensual skin softening perfume. I think it also makes a great shave cream. It combines the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose. Yogi Flow comes in a 6.7 fl.oz./200 mL container and retails for $15.00. It can be purchased from http://us.rituals.com

Julep Color Treat in Heartleigh
Julep Color Treat in Heartleigh is a multi color glitter polish that can be used alone or over another polish. It contains strengthening Hexanal. Color distribution is very even with this polish and it has superior coverage. Oxygen technology lets nails breathe. Anti-oxidants come from pure green coffee extract and are great for the health of your nails. It retails for $14.00 and you can find Julep polishes at www.julep.com

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner
Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner is meant to replace shampoo. It is a non-stripping cleansing conditioner that de-grimes hair. Unwash locks in natural oils and color. This product does not contain any sulfates, detergents or parabens. It is moisturizing and non-stripping. And it is completely vegan. I love how well this cleanses my hair, leaving it feeling clean but soft and tangle free. It comes in a 13.5 fl.oz./400 mL bottle and retails for $36.00. The product is available at fine salons all over the country. Check here for one near you: http://www.unwash.com/find

Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in PinkRoyal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink _1
Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink moisturizes lips with a hint of color. It has a botanical extracts (jojoba seed oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and Argan oil to name a few). It retails for $14.00, comes in a .12 oz./3.4 g container and can be purchased from www.royalapothic.com.
Every month Glossybox has a great array of products that you will fall in love with. If the February box, is any indication, then this is definitely something to check out. I think that the subscription is definitely worth the cost because most of the products in the box are full size. In this box only one out of five products was a deluxe size! What is also so good is that even the sample sized product was not a small size but a great deluxe size, which is so much better than some of the other beauty boxes on the market. The combined worth of the products is $80.00. The actual full sized products are worth $68.00 and the deluxe product is worth $12.00, add to that and the total is worth $80.00. If you pay for a $21.00 subscription the value is tremendous. Definitely worth the money! Glossybox has great customer service too. If you are not satisfied, call them and they will take care of your problem. 

Glossybox subscriptions are available from www.glossybox.com. Glossybox is also available internationally, such as the in the United Kingdom. Like Glossybox on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GLOSSYBOXUS; Follow Glossybox on Twitter: @glossybox_us; Follow Glossybox on Instagram: https://instagram.com/glossybox_us/; Follow Glossybox on Pinterest: https://instagram.com/glossybox_us/; Subscribe to Glossybox on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GLOSSYBOXUS; Follow Glossybox on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GlossyboxUnitedStates/posts

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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