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Saturday, April 18, 2015

L'Occitane Weekend Promotions for 4/18-4/19

L'Occitane Promotions for this weekend: 

Saturday and Sunday this weekend L'Occitane is offering a free 75ML shampoo & conditioner with any $55 purchase! Choose from a 4 piece gift with $75 purchase, or a $20 set with any $45 order.

Also, they are still running the Limited Edition $3 Shea Handcream tin through April 30th! Don't miss out on this great deal. 

  • 4 Free Deluxe Samples + Pouch with any $75 Purchase! Use Code: IRIS at checkout

  • Limited Edition Pink Box + 5 Deluxe Samples! Only $20 with any $45 Purchase - Use Code: PINKBOX

  • This Weekend Only! Free 75ML Shampoo & Conditioner with any $55 Order! Use Code: AROMA
  • $3 Exclusive Price - Limited Edition Shea Handcream Collector's Tin!

Review: Facial Hair Remover #bellessentials

Bellesentialls Facial Hair Remover

I received this facial hair remover to try out. Let me start out by saying I could never get the hand of this and it did not work for me. I asked the company to tell me how to use it and they did but I did not get any hair removal out of it. I believe that it might work for some but not for me. To use you place on the area where you want to remove hair and twist the handles back and forth. It is similar to threading. I had long enough hair but it did not work for me at all. The device comes with an eyebrow razor, which is fun. I do believe that it is just me and that this device would likely work for someone more coordinated than me.

I received this in exchange for my honest review.

It is available from Amazon.com for $10.95: http://amzn.to/1yExk4q

Review: 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

pure organic argan oil

goPure is an all new natural skin care brand that has launched on Amazon.com. It carries 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. This Argan Oil is extremely useful for many different skincare uses: dry skin, aging skin and hair care. It helps replenish moisture to dry skin. It also helps with aging skin, supplying essential fatty acids. Argan Oil helps to bring dry, brittle hair back to life, as a leave in treatment. I use Argan Oil after my serums before my moisturizer. This comes in a 4 oz. bottle, a huge bottle that will last you forever!


This product was received for free for my unbiased, honest review.


It is available on Amazon.com for $17.89: http://amzn.to/1G5ETnh

Friday, April 17, 2015

Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil Contest

Review: Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil

apothecary extracts tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil is one of the most versatile oils on the market. It fights acne, toenail fungus, lice, yeast infections, helps with skin tags, cold sores, dandruff, ringworm, fleas, warts, psoriasis and more. Use this oil in shampoo, lotions, face cleansers, body wash, toothpaste, etc. Make your own household cleansers, detergents, shower sprays, disinfectants and kitchen sprays. The 4 ounce bottle comes with a 100 page guide that shows you how Tea Tree oil can improve your life. It replaces harmful chemical cleansers around the house. This is an excellent quality oil that has not been diluted.

I use it for acne, I add a few drops to my moisturizer to prevent acne and a drop or two to my facial cleanser. I have also used it in my detergent to help clean clothing. It has an antiseptic odor to it, which to me makes it smell like it’s doing something and I like it. Tea Tree Oil comes from Australia. 


It retails for $24.99 on amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1b9LeB6


ZO Skin Health, Inc. Introduces Oclipse® Smart Tone: The New GenerationOf Highly AdvancedSunscreens #sunscreen #Obaji #Oclipse #customizablecolor

Izo skin health logo
ZO Skin Health, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Oclipse® Smart Tone SPF 50 (SPF), a revolutionary new broad-spectrum sunscreen with patented color-bursting beads that match any skin tone. Developed by legendary dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, MD, Oclipse® Smart Tone offers a powerful dose of UVA and UVB all day sun protection, while also helping to shield the skin from cell damaging high energy visible (HEV) light. The multi-tasking formula addresses every need, from helping skin support its own natural repair process to helping tackle irritation and pigmentation, all while drenching the skin with conditioners to soften and soothe.
What's especially unique about Oclipse® Smart Tone is that it contains micro-beads which burst when rubbed into skin to create customizable color on any skin tone, creating a perfect tint to be worn alone or as a make-up primer.
The technologically-advanced formula is super-charged with soothing extracts of Petasites Japonicus Root Extract and Beta Glucan to minimize irritants that can cause redness. The organic sunscreen is also infused with Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil to provide moisture and aid in lipid repair. To discourage the formation of new pigmentation and freckles, it's fortified with a healthy dose of vitamin C.
"Smart Tone's groundbreaking formula is both a novel advance in sunscreen and an ideal fit for our growing portfolio of highly differentiated medical technology products focused on skin disorders and skin health," says James Headley, CEO and President, ZO Skin Health, Inc. "It's one of the reasons why we are one of the fastest growing skincare companies in the world. We're incredibly proud of this product – it is the next generation of sunscreen."
"Using my many decades of experience as a dermatologist, scientist and pathologist, I have developed this sunscreen to protect the skin, restore the skin, and maintain skin health," says Zein Obagi, MD. "Now everyone can reap the benefits of this science."
Smart Tone is available here: https://shop.zoskinhealth.com/zoskinhealth/oclipse-smart-tone-spf50.
About ZO Skin Health, Inc.
ZO Skin Health, Inc. develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health around the globe. Utilizing cutting-edge science and Dr. Zein Obagi's extensive clinical experience creating treatments and regimens for healthy skin, ZO Skin Health, Inc. provides comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients. Committed to advancing effective treatments for healthy skin, ZO Skin Health, Inc. supports physicians' practices through skin health seminars and clinical training, and patients through a variety of educational programs. As a result, ZO Skin Health, Inc. is focused on providing products and protocols that bridge the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care that allow patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age or unique skin condition. For more information, visit
About Zein Obagi, MD
Researcher, innovator, scientist, published author, lecturer and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi has achieved international renown as a leading authority on skin rejuvenation. He is the ZO Skin Health, Inc. founder and medical director and is responsible for the development of new skincare treatments, protocols and products to achieve healthy skin.

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Zein Obagi pioneered the concept of skin health and conceived of, and brought to market, a line of medical skincare products – the original Obagi Nu-Derm® System – that transformed aging skin. Dr. Obagi founded WorldWide Products, which produced and marketed the original Obagi Nu-Derm® System. At that time, Dr. Obagi merely intended to challenge the norms of traditional skincare. Instead he shattered the status quo. Today his ideas about skin health are no longer surprising; they have become mainstream. Subsequently, WorldWide was purchased by Obagi Medical Products, Inc., a company with which Dr. Obagi no longer has any affiliation, but which retained his family name (Obagi®) as their trademark.
ZO Skin Health, Inc. and Dr. Obagi have no business relationship with Obagi Medical Products, and Obagi Medical Products does not sell or endorse using any ZO® product. "ZO" is a registered trademark of ZO Skin Health, Inc. "Obagi" and "Obagi Nu-Derm" are registered trademarks of Obagi Medical Products, Inc.
Find us on Facebook at ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD.
Follow us on Twitter
@ZO Skin Health.
SOURCE ZO Skin Health, Inc.

Lindsey Vonn & Her Foundation Partner With BeautyKind To Make ADifference #LindseyVonn #BeautyKind #givingback

BeautyKind, the breakthrough online retailer that gives 5% of every purchase back to the cause of the customer's choice, is excited to announce a partnership with Lindsey Vonn, the most decorated women's skier of all time. Vonn, who is passionate about giving back and making a difference, recently launched The Lindsey Vonn Foundation, which is dedicated to the development of young girls throughout their most influential years.

With their unique business model, BeautyKind.us is changing the beauty conversation from where people buy their beauty products to why. Now women and men can support their personal causes, and loved ones associated with these causes, through every beauty product purchase they make.  

This give back feature is what attracted Lindsey Vonn and her foundation to partner with BeautyKind. "I'm so excited to partner with BeautyKind and support my foundation through their give back program.  We have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by shopping at BeautyKind, and I believe this site will support my goal of helping our young girls reach their full potential," said Lindsey Vonn.

"As Lindsey is so cause-driven herself, she is a natural partner for the site. One thing that Lindsey understood right away is that BeautyKind transforms a beauty product into something more meaningful that supports a loved one on their journey.  So we are thrilled to have her on board to help spread the word about how consumers can give back while shopping for beauty brands and products they love," said Hil Davis, Founder of BeautyKind. 

Davis also said, "We are so appreciative of thought leaders like Lindsey and the beauty brands that have joined our movement to give back. We look forward to adding more thought leaders and brands who are passionate about giving back."
Lindsey's remarkable ski career has taught her about perseverance and striving for excellence in everything she does. Now, she looks to use her experience to help girls follow their dreams in the same way. The Lindsey Vonn Foundation is committed to engaging the community and the future generation with a positive and constructive atmosphere. Focusing on strengthening the community by giving individual attention to the empowerment of girls with an all-girl program, the foundation creates a comfortable environment for growth as athletes, as learners, and as individuals.

To celebrate the partnership, Lindsey will be giving away $100,000 worth of gift cards to her fans so they can start donating to the Lindsey Vonn Foundation or a cause of their choice.  Please visit Lindsey on her social channels for more information on the giveaway, launching Thursday, April 16th:
To learn more, please visit www.BeautyKind.us.  

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