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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get PANTONE’S Color of The Year On Your Lips With MUA Make Up Academy Lip Colors! #MUA #MUAMakeUpAcademy #lipcolor #marsala #ColoroftheYear

(makeup photos courtesy of www.muapro.com)
This year PANTONE has deemed the Color of the Year to be PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala. This color is a beautiful warm wine color that is perfect for anyone to wear and goes with any season. For spring you can wear it on your lips with just about any eye shades. Down below you will see how I have worn three different shades of MUA Make Up Academy’s lip products in various inspired shades of PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala tones.
(photo courtesy of www.pantone.com)
(below: swatches of the three colors, left to right are the MUA Make Up Academy shades in Rust, Brick and Nude)
swatch of all three colors MUA Make Up Academy Marsala shades

super shine gloss nude

MUA Make Up Academy Super Shine Gloss in Nude: Here I am wearing a medium nude lip gloss on my lips. It is a gorgeous shade inspired by the PANTONE 18-1438 MUA Make Up Academy Super Shine Lip Gloss in NudeMarsala Color of the Year. This is a shade that anyone can wear and is great for any eye look, especially smoky eyes. This shade is also great for any skin tone too! It also has Vitamins A and E to fight off free radicals and natural peppermint oil soothes the skin. Available for $7.00 at www.cvs.com.

MUA Make Up Academy Luminizing Gloss in Brick: This gloss is a high shine gloss that has a lot of pigmentation. It hydrates, moisturizes and has a an ultra-creamy consistency with a great range of shades from nudes, deep corals and plum shades. Natural peppermint oil helps freshen and soothe the skin. It has an intense moisturizing shine finish that does not have any stickiness to it. The flock tip applicator picks up a generous amount of gloss for an easy application. Purchase at www.cvs.com for $8.00.
wearing MUA Make Up Academy Luminizing Gloss in Brick


MUA Make Up Academy High Shine Lipstick in Rust: This lipstick is wearing MUA Make Up Academy High Shine Lipstick in Rustextremely shiny with Vitamins A and E to help fight off free radicals. It has bold color choices. Great pigment and shea butter help deliver luscious, saturated color! Comes in 16 color choices. Available at www.cvs.com for $8.00.

Those are just three choices of MUA Make Up Academy’s choices for PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala inspired shades. There are more lip shades, eye shades and cheek shades available. Get to www.muapro.com and look around to see what is available. Play around some and you will look beautiful with this gorgeous warm wine shade that is the hottest color around this year!

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These products were provided for consideration)

Friday, January 23, 2015

nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch is now available for auto-reorder from Walgreens.com!

nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch is now available for auto-reorder from Walgreens.com
Walgreens has recently announced a new way to save! With their new “Auto-Reorder & Save” program, you receive 10% off + free shipping starting on your second order on select items purchased through www.walgreens.com. Just look for a product with the “auto-reorder” symbol, set a delivery schedule, and receive regular shipments in the time frame you scheduled! More info can be found here:http://www.walgreens.com/topic/promotion/auto-reorder.jsp . nuNAAT’s Ultra Keratin Touch kit is just one of the many products available through this savings program. Since it is applied every 30 days for frizz-free, virtually maintenance-free hair, setting up scheduled purchases just makes sense. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1tKm7wI

Alberto VO5 Introduces Innovative Beauty Oil For Hair And Body

VO5 Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil Moisturizes Hair & Body with 5 Essential Vitamins Formula and Free of Mineral Oils, Parabens or Dyes; First-of-its Kind Performance and Value at Mass

alberto vo5 logo

Alberto VO5 today introduced its first ever dual purpose, after-shower product for hair and body: Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil.  Infused with VO5's signature 5 Essential Vitamins formula, this ultra-hydrating, fast-absorbing spray helps replenish dry hair and skin for a soft, silky feel and radiant look. 
Unlike many other beauty oils available at drug, grocery and mass retailers, VO5 Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil is free of mineral oils, which can clog pores and strip skin's natural oils.  VO5's new product consists of an all-natural, proprietary blend of oils -- argan, macadamia, sunflower, shea, grapeseed, and coconut – that allow skin and hair to breathe and let in natural oils for nourishment.  
vo5 for body

Also free of parabens and dyes, VO5 Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil delivers an amazing value for the money - with a suggested retail price of only $4.99 for 5.9 oz in a fine-mist spray bottle for easy and quick application.
"We're constantly innovating to bring the savvy VO5 shopper world class products that meet and exceed the performance of products that sell for considerably more," said Nina Riley, VP Marketing at High Ridge Brands, owner of Alberto VO5. "Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil breaks new ground with a mineral oil-free formula that nourishes both hair and body, applies and absorbs nearly instantly, carries a light, sophisticated fragrance and does indeed deliver ultra-hydration and shine."
Trusted for its iconic Hot Oil Treatment, VO5's expansion of its oil family product offerings with Shine, Glow & Go provides consumers a new use for oils post shower.
VO5 Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil is now available at Walgreens (for store locations visit Walgreens.com) and other regional retailers such as Kroger, Ralph's, HEB, Publix, Winn Dixie, Bi-Lo, Hannaford, Giant Eagle and many more. Please visit www.vo5haircare.com to learn more about VO5 hair care products.
The VO5 5 Essential VitaminsAlberto VO5's formula is a proprietary blend of five essential vitamins (E, H, C, B5 and B3) that help nourish, moisturize and hydrate your hair and skin.  That's the secret of VO5!  
About High Ridge BrandsHeadquartered in Stamford, CT, High Ridge Brands owns the Alberto VO5® brand in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Rave® hair care products globally, as well as the Zest® and Coast® personal cleansing brands in the U.S. and Canada.  For more information, please visit www.highridgebrands.com.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron #Voloom #iFabboMember

voloom hair iron
I recently tested out a new type of hair iron that promises to give hair volume instead of straightening it. It is called the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron. This new technology is quite interesting because many women find that they need volume in their hair day in and day out. So, does it work? Does hair indeed have more volume than when before? Let us see…

The way to use this iron is simple. The iron come with the iron, three clips and directions on how to use it. The iron itself is interesting, it looks like a crimping iron, as it has plates that are similar to teeth that take the hair and crimp it lightly. First you turn it on and let it heat up. Clip the top sections of layers of hair out of the way, these do not get to be ironed. The way the iron works is that the under layers of hair are ironed by the special Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron and volume is automatically put into the under layers of the hair and it can stay there for days. Make a defined part in the hair. Section off the hair. After the iron is heated up, you will iron just the top of the hair closest to the scalp. Iron the hair for only one second (1 second) and let go. You don’t want to actually leave indentations in the hair, only volume. Now, do not pull the iron down the hair. Iron the section next downward to the section you just ironed. Don’t go too far down on the hair unless you want really poofy hair. Then move on to the one behind it. Repeat until all the layers underneath have been ironed. The more layers have been ironed the more volume you will have. There will be texture on the layers that have been treated with the iron. These will disappear as the hair cools down. Then remove the clips, lightly brush the hair and voila! Huge amounts of volume on the hair!!!!!

(below, the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron. See the plates with teeth)


(my hair after using Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron, hair not styled just showing volume)

hair after using Voloom

The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron retails for $129.99. It is available through http://bit.ly.voloom. Like Voloom on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoloomHair; Follow Voloom on Twitter: @voloom; Follow Voloom on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/voloom/ and Follow on Instagram: http://instagram.com/voloom/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

#Voloom #iFabboMember

Review: SkinPhD Skincare #SkinPhD #skincare

SkinPhD is a woman owned line that has South African ingredients in its products. It was started by two sisters (Heather Elrod and Holly Harmon) with beauty in their blood. They searched for ingredients that they thought would be great in the line, found them in South Africa, as well as a great research chemist. The formulation for SkinPhD began with the cornerstone that skin care must bridge clinical and natural and that it must be cosmeceutical in composition with high percentages of bio-active ingredients that work at the cellular level. The ingredients in these products are cosmeceutical active ingredients such as natural plant extracts, herbs, semi-precious stones and minerals indigenous to Africa and South Africa. The line was launched in the US in October 2011 and has grown substantially since then. Their mission is to produce and provide excellent products to customers, products that are unique to the market and that customers will find work quite well. 

The line is for skin care professionals (Estheticians) and physicians. It is found in salons and medical spas. I was able to try out a few of the products on my skin for a month or so to see how they performed. As a blogger and Esthetician I am lucky enough to get to try out a good number of products on my skin and I must say that I was VERY happy with this brand. The products performed much better than I had expected and they are excellent products. I was sent products that are a good representation from each of their available lines.

Liposome C & E Serum
skin PhD Liposome C and E Serum
This is an intensive serum that is formulated with a liposome bound Vitamin C, a stable form of Vitamin C enriched with Vitamin E and B6. Use of this serum will reduce rough skin and fine wrinkles all while improving skin’s tone and brightness. Skin is left looking illuminated.
I found this serum to be a very light and nice serum that sinks right into the skin. Use prior to other skincare products every night. This will help brighten skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles.


Superantioxidant Vitamin E & A SerumSkin PhD Superantioxidant Vitamin A and E Serum
This is a very rich serum, that absorbs easily into skin. It provides nourishment and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and silky soft. Use regularly to visibly improve skin’s overall condition. It will restore a youthful complexion. 

This serum has an interesting textural quality, it is kind of oily to the touch but it goes on smoothly and absorbs into skin easily. The Vitamins that it has help to provide nourishment to the skin and take uneven skin tone and even it out, so that skin is soft and smooth again.

AHA 7 Fruit Amidroxy Exfoliator

Skin PhD AHA 7 Serum This serum is a concentrated special blend of natural fruit acids from red and citrus fruits that gently yet effectively help slough away dead, dull and dry skin cells that naturally occur on the surface of the skin. It leaves skin looking radiant and bright, with an improved color and complexion. All skin types can use this. It was chosen to be the Best Anti-Aging Product by The Dr. Oz Show (www.drozshow.com).

What is so great about this product is that it exfoliates gently yet effectively. There is not a trace of irritation with use of this product. Alpha hydroxy acids are just about my favorite way to help skin look younger. They get rid of old, dead skin to help bring forth younger looking skin that is radiant and more plump looking. 

Pigmentation Control
Skin PhD Pigmentation Control
This cream contains a botanical complex with tyrosinase-inhibiting activity that  is synergistically combined with malachite extract to effectively reduce blemishes, improve radiance and correct unevenness of skin tone. 

Use of this with other products that help with radiance, correcting of skin tone will boost skin clarity and tone immensely. I found that these products are extremely good at getting rid of pigmentation issues. My skin looks almost great, with pigmentation decreased to the point that I feel my skin is looks amazing!

Flawless Day Cream
Skin PhD Flawless Day Cream
This is a very light day cream formulated with semi-precious stone Zincite (Smithsonsite), Acmella, Oleracea Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-10. Use regularly to help improve the appearance of elasticity and firmness, to make it more younger looking and to also give the skin a more radiant glow. 
I like how light this cream is, but it does not have a sunscreen. That is my one pet peeve. I feel that an anti-aging day cream should always have sun protection. I do feel that the other ingredients are great, and I like that it has peptides in it. You can never go wrong there.

Peptide Complex Eye Cream
Skin PhD Peptide Complex Cream
A rich and fragrance-free eye and mouth treatment that includes Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 and Hexapeptide-10. It is formulated for the delicate eye area and can also be used around the mouth area too. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and aging. Regular use will help give the appearance of firmer skin, smoother skin and will leave the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth looking visibly improved.

My eyes are very sensitive and water easily. I like that this is fragrance-free. I also like that this has two peptides in it. It does a great job of of hydrating the eye area and helping to firm up the skin in that delicate area. 

Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel

Skin PhD Ultra Rapid Perfecting Gel
Another great product for the eye area, this light easily absorbed gel is formulated to address problems commonly experienced around the eyes. It is a special blend of proteins and other extracts that immediately improve the appearance of the skin’s condition where the treatment is applied. Regular use of this product will help to improve the visible signs of of skin’s brightness and tone and to restore a youthful looking appearance.

I like that this product is so light and easily absorbed. It does immediately work and that is one thing I think sets this apart from other products. It also helps to make the eyes look better over time, which is a great thing. It improves the brightness, helping to makes dark circles disappear over time. 

I used all of these products for a month and loved how my skin looked. I must say that my skin never looked better. Using all of these products together made my skin softer, smoother and visibly better looking than it had ever been before. Melanocytes have been banished, so pigmentation was more even and my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom. Skin is firm and plump, not dry at all. Even my eyes are looking great and those tend to be the first to show signs of aging. Dark circles have decreased and my little fine lines have disappeared. 

before using SkinPhD_facebefore using SkinPhD_cheekbefore using SkinPhD

(above: skin prior to using SkinPhD. I have some pigmentation issues)

after SkinPhD_faceafter SkinPhD cheekafter SkinPhD_lips

(above: Skin after using SkinPhD, pigmentation is much better. Softness if amazing, although that is not something that can be seen.)

As you can see, I think SkinPhD is a great line. Their products are designed with results in mind. I am so happy I was able to try out these products and bring this review to you. If you are able to find a spa or medical office with Skin PhD products near you, please try them out. I guarantee that you will like them. Like Skin PhD on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkinPhD and Follow Skin PhD on Twitter: @skinphd.

Until Next time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent for consideration)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Unveils The Brush Contest, The Brand's First-Ever Global Online Makeup Artist Competition #L'OrealParis

Empowering and inspiring makeup artists to showcase their talents on YouTube for the chance to be named the 2015 L'Oreal Paris Make-up Designer


L'Oreal logo

L'Oreal Paris proudly announces The Brush Contest, the world's first-ever online international makeup artist contest happening exclusively on YouTube. The Brush Contest is the latest expression of the brand's Makeup Designer Paris platform. This platform goes beyond just a new signature for the brand. It was created to highlight the expertise and creativity of every woman. It has changed the way women are inspired by, interact with and shop for makeup.   
L'Oreal Paris is giving aspiring talent the unparalleled opportunity to compete for a 100,000€ prize and title of the 2015 L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer. This global search for the brand's 2015 makeup artist will gather contestants from 13 countries including the USA, France, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, China, Thailand, Italy and Turkey. The Brush Contest is open to all over the age of 18 years old who consider makeup artistry a true passion point and are obsessed with makeup. 

Those talented enough to make it to the final round will meet in Paris, France for the final global competition. The grand finale will broadcast from Paris on YouTube on May 1st 2015.  This star studded evening – hosted by L'Oreal Paris spokesperson Eva Longoria – will celebrate the national finalists, herald the L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer Paris vision to empower women to effortlessly create makeup looks on themselves at home, and announce the global winner. 
The global winner of The Brush Contest, to hold the title of 2015 L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer, will be awarded participation in incredible celebrity beauty shoots, how-to video tutorial creation, press interviews, the exclusive Cannes International Film Festival, and much more.

"Digital technology now allows us to discover the undiscovered," says Malena Higuera, Senior Vice President of Marketing, L'Oreal Paris. "At our core we are constantly empowering women to be their own makeup artist providing them with superior products, advice and education on how to design looks on  themselves at home.  There is a robust online community of people who consider makeup artistry a true passion. The Brush Contest will give them a stage to showcase their talents and potentially become the Makeup Designer for the world's largest beauty brand and collaborate with us to design new makeup trends, and inspire and empower other women around the world through makeup artistry."

How You Can Enter Applicants are invited to showcase their makeup expertise in a 3-minute video tutorial accomplished by either uploading new, original content, or choosing a video from an existing YouTube channel.  Registration opened on January 19, 2015 and closes on February 15, 2015; all official rules and guidelines can be found at www.thebrushcontest.com
Meet the Esteemed Panel of Judges  On February 16, 2015 a voting period will open digitally for fans to narrow candidates down to potential national winners.  To join in on the voting and take part in the conversation, subscribe to @LOrealParisNYC on YouTube and follow @LOrealParisUSA on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook using #TheBrush. 
A superstar judging panel consisting of L'Oreal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist, Claudia Betancur, Global Nail Artist, Tom Bachik, YouTube beauty creator, StyleHaul network, Stephanie Lee (@BeautyByLee), YouTube beauty creator, StyleHaul network, Alicia Collinge (@XSparkage) and Senior Vice President of L'Oreal Paris Marketing, Malena Higuera will determine the candidate they feel have what it takes to represent the United States in the global competition. 
Selecting a National Winner  Primary judging criteria includes creativity, originality and skillset, and a national winner will be revealed exclusively on L'Oreal Paris' social platforms March 15, 2015. A national winner will then be flown to Paris for a beauty bootcamp, where they will be mentored by the brand's makeup color experts and experience L'Oreal Paris on deeper level.  When in Paris, the national winners enter for a chance to compete in the finale to showcase their skills by making over the industries top models from our L'Oreal Paris roster of spokespeople.  
The Grand Parisian Finale, Unveiling the 2015 Global Makeup DesignerThe grand finale will broadcast from Paris on YouTube on May 1st 2015. The broadcast will feature a series of exciting events filmed in Paris and hosted by actress, model, activist and L'Oreal Paris spokesperson, Eva Longoria.  Attendees in the broadcast will include national winners from each of the participating countries, and the events debuted will encompass an exclusive makeup show, concerts, interviews with finalists, and appearances from some of the most famous models from around the world. 
Finalists will showcase their talents on world-class beauties and L'Oreal Paris spokespeople like Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss, and Lara Stone as they take the original makeup creations to the runway.  The spokespeople will cheer on contestants throughout the selection process via videos and pictures shared across YouTube and their respective social platforms.
L'Oreal Paris' cutting-edge beauty app Makeup Genius will showcase exclusive looks from the competition, offering insights into contestants' color expertise and highlighting the bold looks created by the brand's makeup designers. 
A global winner, the 2015 L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer, will be announced during the YouTube broadcast, just in time to attend the Cannes International Film Festival, an event that the brand has long since served as official makeup sponsor.
About L'Oreal Paris The L'Oreal Paris division of L'Oreal USA, Inc. is a total beauty care company that combines the latest technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. The L'Oreal Paris brand encompasses the four major beauty categories – hair color, haircare, skincare and cosmetics – and includes such well-known brands as Preference, Excellence, Feria and Healthy Look hair color; Advanced Haircare, Advanced Hairstyle, Elnett Satin Hairspray, EverPure, EverStrong, EverSleek, EverCreme, EverStyle, EverCurl and L'Oreal Paris Kids hair care; Advanced Suncare, Youth Code, Revitalift, Age Perfect, Ideal Clean, Ideal Moisture, Sublime Bronze and Men's Expert skincare; and the Colour Riche, True Match, Infallible, Visible Lift and MAGIC cosmetics collections, along with a portfolio of mascara including Voluminous, Double Extend and Telescopic among many others. For more information on L'Oreal Paris and its brands, and to receive personalized beauty advice, expert tips and exclusive beauty content 24-7 (wherever you may be), check out www.lorealparisusa.com.
SOURCE L'Oreal Paris

Dove Hair Encourages Women to #LoveYourCurls #Dove

dove love your curlsdove love your curls 2
One in three women in the US have wavy to curly hair1; however 'straight, sleek' hair is often portrayed as the traditional standard of beauty. This impacts the lives of millions of women with curly hair and can leave them feeling less confident at all stages of their lives, particularly as young girls. To better understand how curly haired women and girls feel about their hair, Dove Hair commissioned a global study and found that only 10% of women in the US with curly hair feel proud of their hair2, and sadly, only four in ten little girls with curly hair think their hair is beautiful2.
Experience the interactive multimedia release here: http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7403051-dove-hair-love-your-curls
Launching today is the new Dove Hair: Love Your Curls campaign and film, which encourages women to celebrate, love and take pride in their curly hair. The Love Your Curls film draws on a selection of unique stories that powerfully illustrate the relationship young girls have with their curls. As little girls, many struggle to accept their curls and wish they could change their curly hair to straight. Ultimately, the film reveals that if women with curly hair begin to celebrate all the things they love about their curls, young girls will be inspired to do the same. In fact, Dove Hair found that little girls are seven times more likely to love their curls if people around them do2
"At Dove, we recognize that there is a very complex relationship between a woman and her hair," stated Rob Candelino, VP of Unilever Haircare.  "Our Love Your Curls campaign is intended to inspire millions of women to feel confident about embracing their natural curls. If women show the world just how much they love their hair, they will positively impact the next generation to do the same."
Dove Hair is introducing the Love Your Curls campaign in tandem with the launch of its new range of nourishing products for curly hair, Dove Quench Absolute. Watch the Love Your Curls film and be inspired to share your curl love story at Dove.com/loveyourcurls.  Show the world how you #LoveYourCurls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
NEW Dove® Quench Absolute  Dove Hair introduces its most nourishing range yet, NEW Dove Quench Absolute. The system, Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum and Dove Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask, delivers 4x more defined, natural curls and provides five key benefits for all curl needs, including improved manageability, quenched dryness, smoothness, strength and nourishment. With Quench Absolute, Dove Hair helps women achieve softer, nourished, more defined natural curls with every wash, allowing them to wear their curls with confidence. 
About Dove® HairDove Hair offers a wide range of solutions that provide deep nourishment and repair to meet women's specific hair needs, whether it is dry, frizzy, in need of volume or damaged. The range includes shampoo, conditioners, treatments and styling products.
About Unilever North America  Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of Food, Home and Personal Care products with sales in more than 190 countries. Working to create a better future every day, we help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. In the United States and Canada, the portfolio includes brand icons such as: Axe, Becel, Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Caress, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, Consort For Men, Country Crock, Degree, Dove personal care products, Fruttare, Good Humor, Hellmann's, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, Just for Me!, Klondike, Knorr, Lever 2000, Lipton, Magnum, Motions, Nexxus, Noxzema, Pond's, Popsicle, Promise, Q-tips, Simple, St. Ives, Suave, TIGI, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe, TRESemme and Vaseline. All of the preceding brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Unilever Group of Companies. 
Our ambition is to double the size of our business, while reducing our overall environmental footprint (including sourcing, consumer use and disposal) and increasing our positive social impact. We are committed to helping more than a billion people take action to improve their health and well-being, sourcing all our agricultural raw materials sustainably by 2020, and decoupling our growth from our environmental impact. Supporting our three big goals, we have defined seven pillars, underpinned by targets encompassing social, environmental and economic areas. See more on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan at http://www.unileverusa.com/sustainable-living/ or http://www.unilever.ca/sustainable-living/.
Unilever employs approximately 11,500 people across North America – generating more than $10 billion in sales in 2013. For more information, visit www.unileverusa.com or www.unilever.ca.

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