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Friday, February 24, 2017

Berkshire Legs: The Plus Size Answer to Your Legs' Needs #berkshirelegs #itfitsitflatters #alookforeveryleg

(product photos courtesy of www.facebook.com and myself)

I love Berkshire footwear and legwear products. They make some of the best products in the business for leggings, stockings, hose, etc. Lately I was able to get my hands on two products that were so much fun to wear! 

Normally when you think of Fishnet Stockings, you think of full length Fishnet Stockings, well Berkshire went about and made some lovely Fishnet Stockings that come to knee length! They are called Fishnet Comfy Cuff Trouser Socks. They retail for $7 per pair or 2 for $12. They only come in black, but they look very chic with pants and long skirts and come in Plus-Size. In fact, I wear Plus-Size. I found them extremely comfortable. Why? Because of the comfy cuff. The cuff is extra long and does not ride up or pinch your thighs. Below is a photo of the Fishnet Comfy Cuff Trouser Socks:
(I could not get a photo of the cuff, but it measures about 2-3 inches) 

Another lovely product from Berkshire I tried recently was the Easy On Cooling Comfy Control Legging. These are essentially footless tights. I love footless tights, especially when the weather is warmer, because you can wear them under skirts, shorts, dresses, lots of different types of outfits. These are $18.00 each or 2 for $30.00. They come in many different sizes, which is essential for every Plus-Size gal, like myself. Here is the table of sizes:
  • Q/Petite: 5'0"-5'4"    170-230 lbs.
  • 1x/2x: 5'3"-5'9"        170-220 lbs.
  • 3x/4x: 5'4"-6'0         210-260 lbs.
  • 5x/6x: 5'5"-6'0"        250-310 lbs. 
The Easy On Cooling Comfy Control Legging has cooling fibers with knit ventilation, extra stretch for room at the top (definitely a must!!!!), in the leg they have total coverage, easy to wear super soft fibers and comfy cuff at the ankle. They are made of 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex in the panty. The leg is made of 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex. It is recommended that you hand wash these in warm water separately, do not bleach and drip dry, like all intimates. I enjoyed wearing them under a skirt, under a dress and under a pair of shorter pants. These are so much fun to wear!!!! Here is a photo of the leggings, with different types:

Berkshire products can be found at www.eberkshire.com and www.barenecessities.com. Like Berkshire on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/berkshirelegs/; Follow Berkshire on Twitter: @berkshirelegs and Follow Berkshirelegs on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/berkshirelegs. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: My Skin & Co. Exfoliating Scrub & Roll On #MySkinandCo #ExfoliatingScrub #RollOn

(product photos courtesy of www.gomyskin.com)

Industry Cosmetics introduces My Skin & Co., which is formulated for use by actors and models in preparation for film and photo shoots. Their proprietary formula has been created by leading industry professionals with decades of experience in all phases of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Aesthetics, and is the industry’s #1 Choice for smooth camera ready skin. It contains certified organic tea tree oil that is infused with five bacterial fighting anti-inflammatory ingredients that are perfectly pH balanced ingredients, allowing nature and science to work in harmony not only above, but below the skin. Today I will be reviewing their Exfoliating Scrub for use on ingrown hairs, razor bumps and inflammation and their Roll On also for use on ingrown hairs, razor bumps and inflammation. 

3.4 oz./100mL $18.95
This Exfoliating Scrub has been designed to invigorate skin by cleansing pores deep down and gently exfoliating surface skin. It is infused with Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil and White and Black Willow Bark Extract. It is for use by both men and women. It can be used on the face, bikini area, legs, underarms and basically anywhere that ingrown hairs pop up or razor burn is an issue or where there is inflammation. It has a fresh invigorating scent that is unisex and comes in a unisex tube that is a regular brown. Don't be fooled though, this is a powerful scrub that gets rid of ingrown hair, razor bumps and inflammation like nobody's business. I think it is one of the better products I have used for ingrown hairs. This is a great scrub and I would highly recommend it for anyone, man or woman. I like that it has many anti-inflammatory ingredients too. 

3.5 oz./90mL $18.95
Their signature liquid treatment also comes in a Roll-On Bottle. Just apply to affected area twice daily until clear. My Skin & Co. has a liquid treatment that is used to be applied to ingrown hairs, razor bumps and inflammation. This is the same liquid treatment, just in roll on form. It is made with Organic Tea Tree Oil and White and Black Willow Bark for the eradication of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The treatment is for those who don't want to use an exfoliating scrub to rid themselves of the above. It can be used on men's faces, women's bikini area, legs, underarms, anywhere that ingrown hairs or razor bumps pop up. This is nice because it is a little less messy than a scrub or you can use it in conjunction with the scrub to be more aggressive about getting rid of the ingrown hairs, razor bumps and inflammation. I prefer the Roll On or Liquid Treatment to the Exfoliating Scrub.

My Skin & Co. is available online at www.gomyskin.com. Like My Skin & Co. on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gomyskin; Follow My Skin & Co. on Twitter:@gomyskin and Follow My Skin & Co. on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/gomyskin/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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Monday, February 20, 2017



HAIR: Giovanni Vaccaro for GLAMSQUAD
INSPIRATION: This season’s hair is effortlessly organic, with a natural, textured feel

·         Prep the hair by applying Kerastase Nectar Thermique section by section, roots to end
·         Message Baxter Cream Pomade in hands and distribute throughout hair to give a natural, textured look
·         To add dimension to the hair, use a diffuser and curling iron to help enhance natural cowlicks and waves
·         Section the hair down the middle to create a center part and smooth hair, tucking behind the ears and leaving small pieces in front of the face
·         Spray Kerastase Laque Couture to seal the look

MAKEUP: Kelli J. Bartlett for GLAMSQUAD
NAILS: Christina Quercia for GLAMSQUAD
INSPIRATION: “The makeup on the Erin Fetherston AW’17 runway is clean and effortless with a warm eye, too good to be true skin, and a beet lip. The lip should be reminiscent of a woman who started her morning by grabbing a beet juice while running to her first appointment.”

·         Prep the Skin with Skyn’s Iceland Under Eye Illuminator, Moisturizer and Arctic Facial Oil, then apply Nivea Lip Butter to the lips.
·         For a fluffy, feathered brow, start with brushing them in an upward motion and set with a tinted brow gel. Use a tone deeper than the actual brow color to give it more depth and dimension, try Tarte brow defining gel and add Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows.
·         To prep the eyes, first curl lashes and buff a small amount of MAC Painterly Paint Pot over the lid. Use MAC Bamboom Eye Paint and Charlotte Tilbury Barbarella Brown Eyeliner near the top and bottom lash line to create a halo effect. Finish the look with IT Cosmetics Tight Line Mascara.
·         To achieve a flawless complexion, start by applying MAC Face & Body Foundation all over the face with a dampened beauty blender. Apply KoH Gen Do Color Base and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under the eyes, down the bridge and around your nose to conceal. Add definition to the cheeks by adding Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Cream and set entire face with Powder, excluding the bridge of your nose. Lastly, highlight the top of your cheeks with MAC Cream Color Base in Hush.
·         For the lip, apply Beauty for Real Lip Liner, leaving the edge free of color, then tap a wine colored lipstick with your fingers to the center of the lips.

·         Start by cleaning the nails, and filing them into a natural round shape with soft edges.
·         Apply a base coat
·         Then, paint two coats of essie Mademoiselle
·         Finish with a quick drying top coat

Noon by Noor
NAILS: Christina Quercia for GLAMSQUAD
INSPIRATION: This look’s inspiration is the modern cool girl. It is an undone done mix of androgyny that plays of the essence of both feminine and masculine style.

·         Prep the nail with Essie First Base Basecoat
·         One coat of Essie Take It Outside followed by one coat of Essie Marshmallow
·         Seal the look with Essie Good To Go Top Coat

HAIR: Giovanni Vaccaro for GLAMSQUAD
NAILS: Christina Quercia for GLAMSQUAD

INSPIRATION: This look’s inspiration is lived-in, undone and edgy
·         Start by sectioning hair, taking the crown section in the back of the head and pinning it into a bun, leaving the front section completely down
·         Next, take Kerastase Materialiste and apply from root to mid-shaft, leaving ends out.
Repeat process using Baxter Cream Pomade
·         Depending on the density of the hair, take a small section above the top of the ear and coat with Baxter Cream Pomade. Take that section and weave it under and over the hair of the section you just prepped with product
·         Secure end of section at nape of neck with tension using a bobby pin and repeat on opposite side above the top of the ear. This will create a flat, tight shape at the nape of the neck with natural ends
·         Wind hair through and around a bent U-shaped hanger and flatiron to seal style to create an inconsistent curl pattern for an un-done effect
·         Next, take the crown section and repeat process to create texture. Use Kerastase VIP on crown section to create more airy, undone effect
·         Take hair at the mid-shaft and set with wax paper and metal clips to create a smooth indentation at the nape of the neck
·         Brush hairline forward using your fingers to create added airiness and gently tuck hair behind the ear to complete the look
·         Prep the nails with base coat followed by hydrating the hands with lotion
·         Apply two coats of LAVY Number 26 to create a gorgeous deep brown color
·         Apply one coat of top coat and one drop of quick dry to seal the look

MAKEUP: Kelli J. Bartlett for GLAMSQUAD

·         Prep the face using Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, Miracle 10 Eye Cream, MAC Strobe Cream on the high points of the face, and Nivea Lip Butter on the lips
·         BROWS
·         EYES:
o   To prep the eye curl the lashes and apply NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Flibuste on the lid
o    Buff the color up to the crease of the eye, concentrating on the inner and outer eye to create shape. Diffuse out to the crease for a soft smolder
o    Apply Charlotte Tilbury Shadow in Silver Leopard to the middle of lid, followed by lining the inner and outer eye with black shadow to create depth
o   Next, line lower lash line with a black liner & smudge it  keeping water line clean, and gently smudge matte black shadow on top
o   Finally apply a carbon black mascara
·         FACE:
o   Apply MAC Face and Body Foundation mixed with Koh Gen Do Color Corrector focusing on the center of the face 
o   Feather Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant under eyes, between brows, and on chin followed by Mac Studio Finish Concealer to brighten the center of the face
o   Add highlight to the cheekbones using Pat McGrath Skin Fetish working up above the brow and bridge of nose.
o   Lightly contour with Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium to finish the look
·         LIP:
o   Pat a bit of  Pat McGrath Skin Fetish on top of the lip to highlight, followed by a touch of a neutral lip pencil to the center of the lip only

Review: NeoCell Move Matrix #NeoCell #MoveMatrix #Arthritis

(product photo courtesy of www.neocell.com)

150 capsules jar/month
I have blogged about numerous NeoCell products. I happen to love the brand. Their products are great. The quality is excellent and they make products that work. I happen to have severe osteoarthritis in my knees at the young age of 45. It is hereditary and there is nothing I can do about it. I have it in my back too. I have been to an orthopedist and he has told me I am too young to get joint replacement surgery. Boo! My knees hurt like hell. Plus I am overweight and need to lose weight so that they will not hurt as much. So I have joined a gym with a pool to start swimming so that I can do water aerobics and try that. I happen to hate swimming. But what is one going to do? I have to lose the weight and do exercise that is good for my joints. I already take pain meds for my back, which has a 4 level vertebral fusion and for a tumor that was on the sheath of my femoral nerve and left me with permanent nerve damage on that nerve. It left me feeling like I have electricity going down my leg all the time. So I have limited mobility and cannot stand for very long. You do not want to be in front of me in line. I get cranky. 
The woman from NeoCell told me about Move Matrix. She said she takes it for her arthritis and that is is an amazing product. I said I'll give it a shot, what harm can it do. Let me say that I was able to pretty much stop taking my naproxen while on this supplement. That is HUGE. Very good. I am very happy with the results of this month on Move Matrix. 
Move Matrix contains a huge number of things in it to make it the wonderful supplement that it is. Here is the list of ingredients:
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)          60 mg      100% daily value
  • Collagen Type 2                       750 mg            *
  • Glucosamine                            700 mg            *
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 500 mg            *
  • Chondroitin                              400 mg            *
  • Hyaluronic Acid                         100 mg           *
  • Move Matrix Blend:                     355 mg           *  
    • Curcurmin C3 Complex Turmeric Root Extract 200 mg      *
    • Ginger Root Powder                                        50 mg       *
    • Boswellia Extract                                            50 mg       *
    • Resveratrol                                                     25 mg      *
    • Pine Bark                                                        25 mg      *
    • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract                          5 mg        *
*: no daily value established
As you can see, it contains a good number of items in it that doctor's recommend for joint health. It even contains the ingredient I was going to get in a shot for my knee, hyaluronic acid. The shot was going to be $600 and I was going to have to pay $200 per knee every 6 months. And you can only get so many of them. The shots of hyaluronic acid are great for the knee, they help take away the pain, but apparently so does the capsules with the hyaluronic acid in it too!
I just cannot believe how well the capsules work on my osteoarthritis. Mine is very severe too. You have to take 5 capsules per day. That seems like a lot but when it comes to pain relief, I will take the recommended amount. It is definitely worth it. You can take all of the capsules in the morning, or take them at various intervals throughout the day. like pain medicine. I take mine all in the morning. 
The NeoCell Move Matrix capsules comes in a jar of 150 capsules for 1 month of use. They are $24.95 per jar. The capsules can be purchased at GNC, Whole Foods, Vitamin World, Sprouts, Mother's, pure formulas, co*op, The Vitamin Shoppe and Better Health. Check the store locator to look for a store near you. Like Neocell on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeoCellCollagen; Follow Neocell on Twitter: @NeoCellHealth; Follow Neocell on Instagram: http://instagram.com/neocell/; Subscribe to Neocell on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/neocellcorp?feature=CAQQwRs%3D and Follow Neocell on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/neocell/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Review: Mineral Fusion Hair Oil Mist & Texture Spray #MineralFusion #HairOilMist #TextureSpray

(product photos courtesy of www.mineralfusion.com)

4.9 fl.oz./144mL $16.99 
Mineral Fusion's Smoothing Hair Oil Mist is meant to be a lightweight smoothing mist to tame flyaways, smooth hair and provide luxurious hydration. How? It smooths hair with lightweight Argan oil and coconut oils that add hydration to hair and that smooth hair. Organic jojoba oil and sunflower oil seal hair the hair cuticle to tame flyaways. The essential mineral blend plus sea kelp addition help prevent breakage and restore hair heal and shine, and provide luxurious hydration to hair. This formula is pure, safe for color treated hair, is 100% vegetarian and is paraben-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free. It is enriched with natural keratin to help keep hair looking smooth and soft, yet have a lot of natural volume. The best way to use it is to spray onto damp or dry hair and to lightly comb through hair to distribute throughout hair.

You should immediately notice how much softer and smoother your hair is after using this product, I did. I felt like my hair was shinier and definitely more hydrated. I think this Smoothing Hair Oil Mist is worth using and is a great product to try out and use. Mineral Fusion only puts out the best products. You will also love the smell of this, it smells like candy in summer. 

5 fl.oz./147mL $14.99
Mineral Fusion's Beach Hair Texture Spray helps to provide the look like you just came back from the beach. With effortless style, you can have beach hair in an instant. Instant natural volume with hair health. Apply to hair for tousled, beachy texture and effortless style. Biotin and vegetarian Keratin help build fullness and create natural volume in the hair. Their essential mineral blend plus lavender promotes hair health. The formula is safe for color treated hair, is 100% vegetarian and is paraben-free. The best way to use this is to lightly mist on to damp or dry hair to add texture and volume.

This is for days when your hair is not cooperating and you need a little push. Spray all over and then crunch your hair up and around. You will be amazed at the results. It will be like you have been to the beach. I think this is one of the better beach texture sprays. It seems to work better on my hair than most of the other ones do. I like to have tousled hair and it is easy to achieve with this spray.

Mineral Fusion can be found online at www.mineralfusion.com and at various stores. Here is the store locator: www.mineralfusion.com/apps/store-locator. Like Mineral Fusion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mineralfusion; Follow Mineral Fusion on Twitter: @mineralfusion; Follow Mineral Fusion on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mineralfusion/ and Subscribe to Mineral Fusion on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mineralfusion.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review: Mineral Fusion Purifying Gel Cleanser #MineralFusion #PurifyingGelCleanser

(product photo courtesy of www.mineralfusion.com)

7 fl.oz./207mL $14.99
Don't you love a cleanser that smells amazing AND does a great job? Well this cleanser is one of those. It smells divine, because of the rosemary, lavender and aloe in it to soothe and calm the skin. This foaming cleanser creates a nourishing, rich lather that dissolves dirt and makeup, leaving skin feeling fresh and revitalized. It also has mineral-rich sea clay that helps to detoxify the skin's surface for clearer pores and to clear up the complexion. It effortlessly removes the day's makeup to restore the complexion to its natural stats and softens skin before the the next makeup application. The cleanser is gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, free of artificial colors and phthalate-free. Mineral Fusion is dedicated to creating effective and healthy skin care while contributing to the wellbeing of the community. They call this the pursuit Minerals On A Mission.

To use, gently massage a small amount on a moist face and neck in a circular motion to cleanse skin. Rinse with warm water. Afterwards your face will feel soft yet scrupulously clean. Use in the morning and at night for best results. 

I LOVE this cleanser. It smells divine and does a great job of cleansing skin without drying it out. This cleanser is for oily skins. It could also be for combination skin types but not for normal or dry skins. I suppose someone with normal skin could use it but only sometimes because it does have ingredients that are geared for oilier skin types. 

Mineral Fusion can be found online at www.mineralfusion.com and at various stores. Here is the store locator: www.mineralfusion.com/apps/store-locator. Like Mineral Fusion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mineralfusion; Follow Mineral Fusion on Twitter: @mineralfusion; Follow Mineral Fusion on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mineralfusion/ and Subscribe to Mineral Fusion on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mineralfusion.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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