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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: Jan Marini C-Esta Face Serum #JanMarini #cestaserum #rejuvenate #vitaminc

(product photos courtesy of www.brandbacker.com and www.janmarini.com)

1 fl.oz./30mL $105.00
Jan Marini Skin Research is one of my favorite brands. Jan Marini herself was one of the first to work with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. She has been in the skincare business for many years and knows so much about skincare and aging that she could write a book about it! Jan Marini Skin Research is one of the most respected brands in professional skin care. JMSR has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists to develop cutting edge solutions to today's most common skin concerns. This company has introduced a host of technological firsts, has been awarded numerous patents and has published multiple independent peer-reviewed studies on it's products. Don't you think that gives them some street cred?

Today I would like to talk about one of my favorite products from Jan Marini Skin Research. It is called C-Esta Face Serum. This serum is a Vitamin C serum that helps to lift, firm, tighten and brighten the appearance of facial contours with a powerful antioxidant cocktail, featuring Vitamin C and DMAE. It is great for all skin types and is shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and also uneven skin texture. Preferred by subjects in a blinded split-face study vs. a leading Vitamin C solution, C-ESTA Serum is the preferred Vitamin C and antioxidant solution for younger, healthier looking skin. The kind of Vitamin C is contains is Ascorbyl Palmitate, which has been shown to penetrate the skin well and is fat soluble, so it will penetrate through sebum, which is why it is so good for oily skin. It also contains a naturally occurring fatty acid. DMAE comes from Vitamin B and helps firm up sagging skin. This also has hyaluronic acid in it, which can contain 1000 times its own weight in water and is a humectant, which means it draws water to the skin. This helps keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Vitamin B5 is niacinamide and that helps keep skin from looking older by reducing the signs of aging skin. Vitamin E also reduces the signs of aging skin. These both reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone and uneven texture. 

How To Use: Shake well before use to reinvigorate the ingredients. Prior to use, leave plastic lid in place. Invert and tap the top of the container several times into the palm of your hand. if you experience difficulty when dispensing, repeat and pump product into the hand while inverted. Apply sparingly morning and evening to the entire face, upper neck and behind the ears. 

You will find that after using this product for several weeks that your skin is brighter, smoother, softer, has less sagging, is all around firmer, has a more even texture and fine lines and wrinkles have decreased. You will love the way your skin just "glows". I know I do. This is one of the best Vitamin C serums I have tried in all the years I have been using Vitamin C serums and that is about 25 years. Yes, it is that good. 

Jan Marini Skin Research's C-Esta Face Serum is available from www.janmarini.com. Like Jan Marini on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JanMariniSkinResearch;  Follow Jan Marini on Twitter:@JanMarini; Follow Jan Marini on Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/myjanmarini/; Follow Jan Marini on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/janmariniskinresearch/ and Follow Jan Marini on Google+:https://plus.google.com/+janmarini.

Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis

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Review: Alighten Natural Skincare #AlightenNaturalSkincare #Review #naturalskincare

(product photos courtesy of www.alightenskincare.com)

Alighten Skincare is an all natural skincare line that contains many essential oils and botanical extracts. Elaine Becker, the founder, wanted a more natural solution than what was available to her. So she created Alighten. They are committed to being gentle on the environment by using glass bottles which can be infinitely recycled and retail boxes and shipping packaging made from recycled materials. They never test their products on animals or have ingredients that are tested on animals. They create a positive social impact on their community by donating a portion of their sales to companies that work with charities that give back by donating to those that give back by empowering communities, children and families to become free from hunger. 

3.38 fl.oz./100mL $52.00
This luxurious, very gentle facial cleanser removes dirt, impurities and makeup with no dryness. Capuacu butter, Argan oil, and Beet Sugar extract create a smooth and moisturized feeling. Calendula extract and Aloe Vera soothe and calm the skin, all while a gentle infusion of Bilberry and Sugarcane extract along with Pumpkin Enzymes provide skin with an exfoliated and renewed, healthy looking glow. It is subtly scented with natural, non-sensitizing neroli, sandalwood, rosewood, rose geranium, and tangerine essential oils for a uniquely calming, yet gently uplifting experience. 

Personally, I find this cleanser decadent. It is the cleanser from a company that wants you to have fine skincare for skin that is all natural yet does not sacrifice anything. This is one of those products. It thoroughly cleanses the skin yet leaves it feeling soft and supple. I would recommend it for mature, dry, normal and combination skin types. It is very rich but would not cause acne. And it smells divine!

1 fl.oz./30mL $89.00
Alighten's luxe, multi-tasking, ultra-light, concentrated serum addresses multiple anti-aging concerns for radiant, healthy-looking skin. It has Agave Stem Cells and Natural Peptides to help skin appear revitalized and to help  fine lines appear softened, all while Gotu Kola, Date Palm, Goji Berry and Ginseng extracts energize skin and help it appear toned. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin for a plumped and youthful appearance. Calendula, Cucumber, and Aloe Vera calm and soothe delicate skin. Licorice and Mushroom extracts help brighten and renew. A unique nutrient rich complex of Watermelon, Spinach, Pumpkin, and Rose Hip Seed oils along with Biocompatible Olive Squalane provide a host of antioxidant benefits to help clarify and soften the skin. It is  subtly scented with natural, non-sensitizing Neroli, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, and Tangerine essential oils for a uniquely calming, yet utterly gently uplifting sensory experience. Feel a renewed glow with this indulgent treatment.

Massage this luxe, anti-aging serum into skin morning and night after cleansing. Follow with moisturizer or SPF. Suitable for all skin types from dry to oily. Tip: We at Alighten love layering this luxurious Vitality and Restoration Serum at night with our Nutritive Revitalizing Facial Oil. Apply serum first, then layer with Nutritive Revitalizing Facial Oil. The two formulas work in synergy to create the ultimate natural age minimizing experience for smooth, healthy, toned and hydrated feeling skin.

This serum truly makes your skin feel alive, smooth, special and wonderful. Skin feels amazing after using this. The essentials oils and actives in this product go right into the skin and penetrate it so that it makes skin feel glowing and just super. Once you use this you will see how beautiful your skin can be. 

Alighten Nutritive Revitalizing Facial Oil 
1 fl.oz./30mL $87.00
This facial oil is like nutrition for glowing, beautiful skin. It is a luxurious and fast-absorbing facial oil that is moisturizing without feeling heavy. Formulated with a unique antioxidant rich complex of Watermelon, Pumpkin, Spinach, Blueberry and Rose Hip Seed Oils to help gently clarify and revitalize skin's appearance and infuse skin with vitamins, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids. Argan and biocompatible Olive Squalane nourish, moisturize and enhance the appearance of skin's elasticity and tone. Calendula extract soothes and calm's sensitive skin. Skin feels healthy, plumped, and hydrated. Fine lines appear softened and skin has a beautiful, radiant glow. This facial oil is infused with natural, non-sensitizing Neroli, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, and Tangerine essential oils for a subtle, deeply calming, yet gently uplifting experience. This facial oil just sinks into the skin, leaving no greasy feeling on the skin at all. Just soft, beautiful skin that is glowing and radiant. It is amazingly beautiful. 

Apply facial oil before bed and after cleansing skin for moisturized, radiant looking skin in the morning. For day use, pat a small amount on skin before applying makeup, for a hydrated, glowing appearance. Suitable for all skin types. Tip: At Alighten, we love layering this gorgeous facial oil at night with our Vitality and Restoration Serum. Apply serum, then layer with Nutritive Revitalizing Facial Oil. The two formulas work in synergy to create an ultra smooth and hydrated feeling on the skin.

Alighten Skincare can be found online at www.alightenskincare.com. Like Alighten on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Alightenskincare/; Follow Alighten on Twitter:@alightenskincar; Follow Alighten on Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/alightenskincar  and Follow Alighten on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/alightenskincare/

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Review: COLORWOW Style On Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture + Finishing Spray #COLORWOW #StyleOnSteroids

(product photo courtey of www.colorwowhair.com)

(Performance Enhancing Texture + Finishing Spray)
7 oz./262 mL $24.00
COLORWOW brings you the best finishing spray to date. It is an instant explosion of awesome, sexy texture without clouding your color. They bring you Style On Steroids. This product is the ONLY texturizing spray made just for color-treated hair. It provides a sexy, undone texture to the hair, in just a spray away. You can spray it on dry hair to safely add instant guts and glam to any style. It does not cloud the hair like some sprays. It is never stiff, sticky or brittle. Spray and play to revive second-day hair. Does not glue strands together when using heat tools. Record setting longer-lasting results. It also has thermal protection and may be used with heat styling tools. 

This product is my new hairspray, it is the only thing I use on my hair now for a finishing spray. It is so different than other products. I love it. It works great on my color treated hair and also is wonderful with my long frizzy hair. 

COLORWOW products are available online at www.colorwowhair.com and www.ulta.com or Ulta stores. They are also available in fine salons across the country. Like Color Wow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colorwowhair; Follow Color Wow on Twitter: @ColorWowHair; Subscribe to Color Wow on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/ColorWowHair; Follow Color Wow on Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/ColorWowHair/ and Follow Color Wow on Instagram:http://instagram.com/colorwowhair#.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review: L'Occitane Terre de Lumière Shower Gel and Body Milk #LOCCITANE #TerredeLumiere #ShowerGel #BodyMilk

(product photos courtesy of www.usa.loccitane.com)

8.4 fl.oz./250mL $20.00
L'Occitane came out with a new fragrance, called Terre de Lumière and the scent is amazing. I love it. This is my favorite scent from L'Occitane. It is inspired by The Golden Hour, a unique moment in time right before the sun sets when the light embraces the sky. This new fragrance captures this special fleeting moment to make it last forever. It has zesty and aromatic top notes, this unique fragrance unexpectedly develops into delicate aromas of lavender, honey and almond from the South of France. What i smell most is the honey, it actually smells like honey to me. Enjoy a complete, delicious bath and body ritual that features the aromatic scent of the Terre de Lumière fragrance. The Shower Gel is completely indulgent, rich and full of decadent lather. It leaves my skin feeling soft and scented for hours with Terre de Lumière fragrance.

8.4 fl.oz./250mL $29.00
The Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Milk is inspired by the Golden Hour, a unique moment in time right before the sun sets when the light embraces the sky. L'Occitane's new fragrance, Terre de Lumière, captures this special fleeting moment to make it last forever. With zesty and aromatic top notes this unique fragrance unexpectedly develops into delicate aromas of lavender, honey and almond from the South of France. Complete the Terre de Lumière ritual and moisturize your skin, with this body milk inspired by the fragrance. The body milk leaves skin scented like honey. its amazing. The scent smells like it could be poured over my morning yogurt. That is how much is reminds me of honey. It is delicious and beautiful. I adore this scent and will wear it often. 

L'Occitane is available online at www.loccitane.com or in boutique shops around the world. Like L’Occitane on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loccitane.usa; Follow L’Occitane on Twitter: @LOCCITANE; Follow L’Occitane on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/loccitane/; Subscribe to L’Occitane on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/loccitaneenprovence/featured; Follow L’Occitane on Instagram: http://instagram.com/loccitane# and Follow L’Occitane on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+loccitaneusa/posts.

Until Next Time~

Marie Seitz Papachatzis

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection #LORAC #Disney #BeautyandtheBeast

(photos courtesy of www.loraccosmetics,com)

LORAC Cosmetics came out with a beautiful collection to go with Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" film. The collection contains an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette a lipstick collection and a lip gloss collection. Read my review below.

This palette was inspired by Belle's strength and undeniable beauty. They created the LORAC Limited-Edition Eyeshadow Palette to take you on a magical journey of wonder and romance. Whether you’re well acquainted with their legendary PRO palettes or seeing them for the first time, you’ll be enchanted with these 16 all-new and exclusive shades of their best-in-class PRO formula. The velvety-smooth shadows are hyper pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line, and define your eyes like a pro. The palette is meant to look like a book, so it has a bookmark that flows down within, which merely a piece of ribbon and it has a magnetic closure to keep the palette closed. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and last forever, even without eyeshadow base. I really like how they wear and the colors all go together very well. Any one of these colors could be used with any one of the other colors to create a beautiful tableau.
The shades are as follows:
  • Dream It (silver white)
  • Time Keeper (silver gunmetal)
  • Our Guest (matte cadet blue)
  • Impress (matte cocoa brown)
  • Beast Mode (vivid shimmery blue)
  • Enchanting (light shimmery candle)
  • Swept Up (shimmery charcoal)
  • Look Beyond (matte cream)
  • My Castle (shimmery taupe)
  • Chip In (shimmery cream)
  • Romance (matte reddish brown)
  • Spell Breaker (shimmery dark brown)
  • Inner Beauty (matte lilac) 
  • Tea Time (shimmery silver)
  • Tick Tock (matte taupe)
  • Real You (shimmery pink)

This palette draws on hues of the iconic flower, this rose-inspired palette includes four new and exclusive shades of their Color Source Buildable Blushes and Light Source Illuminating Highlighters. The silky-smooth matte and satin blushes and highlighters are paraben free and infused with anti-aging antioxidants such as Pomegranate, Acai, and Vitamins A, C, and E. These complexion-enhancing formulas can be dusted on lightly for a soft, natural look or layered for dramatic results. The blushes have a lot of pigment to them and the highlighter looks great over the blushes. It makes a very pretty look on the cheeks. 

The shades are as follows:
  • See Beyond (true rose)
  • Fearless (golden shimmer highlighter)
  • Enchanted (very light pink blush)
  • Rose (dark rose colored blush)


What’s a princess-worthy look without the lip color to finish it? This set of 5 brand new shades of LORAC's lush, moderate-coverage MOD Cream lipstick turns all eyes to the pout and sets the heroine up for a beauty look strong enough to steady a beast. The lipsticks are very pigmented and wear for a long time. I love them. My favorite is True Beauty. It is beautiful. 
The Lipsticks come in Five Shades:
  • True Beauty (pink with gold shimmer)
  • Red Rose (red)
  • Belle-ieve (nude)
  • Tres Chic (dark brown)
  • Savoir Faire (peach)

What’s a princess-worthy look without the lip color to finish it? LORAC has this set of five brand new lip gloss shades inspired by Disney's remake of the storybook romance, Beauty and the Beast. The colors are very similar to the lipsticks, so if you are in the mood for gloss or lipstick you can decide on which you would like. The glosses are highly pigmented and look great on. They wear well and look nice on you can wear them over the lipsticks for more versatility. 

Shades They Come In:
  • True Beauty (pink with gold shimmer)
  • Red Rose (red)
  • Belle-ieve (nude)
  • Tres Chic (light brown)
  • Savoir Faire (peach)
Here are some photos of the lipgloss and lipstick swatches so you can see for yourself how alike they are and how they differ just slightly. Then I will post pictures of me wearing the palette, cheek colors and lipstick colors.

above: True Beauty, Red Rose, Belle-ieve, Tres Chic and Savoir Faire. 

above: True Beauty, Red Rose, Belle-ieve, Tres Chic and Savoir Faire

above: wearing Tres Chic Lipstick and colors from the eyeshadow palette

above: wearing True Beauty Lipstick and colors from the palettes

above: wearing Savoir Faire lipstick and colors from the palette

All of the Beauty and the Beast items are available at www.loraccosmetics.com, www.ulta.com and www.kohls.com. They are also available in Ulta and Kohl's stores. Like LORAC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LORACcosmetics; Follow LORAC on Twitter: @LORAC_Cosmetics; Subscribe to LORAC on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LORACCosmetics; Follow LORAC on Instagram: https://instagram.com/loraccosmetics/; Follow LORAC on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/loraccosmetics/ and Follow LORAC on Tumblr: http://carolshaw.la/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: CeraVe Sunscreen SPF 30 for the Face and Body #CeraVe #SunscreenFaceandBody

(product photos courtesy of www.cerave.com)

Sunscreen is extremely important to me. It is the one thing I will not skimp on and the one thing that is absolutely essential to anti-aging skincare. If you use sunscreen then approximately half of your aging concerns will not exist. The other portions are not smoking and genetics. Using sunscreen from an early age is essential to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. I wish I had known this when I was little. The skin on my arms is so freckled is is unbelievable. My face is doing pretty good because I have been using anti-aging products for years now. My legs have been hidden by clothes and are white. Today I am going to review two of my favorite sunscreens, CeraVe SPF 30 with InvisibleZinc. 

2.5 oz./70g $13.47
This sunscreen is lightweight, oil-free and water resistant for up to 40 minutes. It also contains ceramides and niacinamide to help repair and restore the skin's natural protective barrier and support the skin's fatty acids which are essential for repairing and restoring the skin barrier. It can also soothe skin's redness. This sunscreen is like no other sunscreen you have seen. You get powerful sun protection from the zinc oxide, which is a mineral sunscreen, that comes in a lightweight formula with a clear finish and absolutely no white film on the skin. This is a high performance, water resistant formula, suitable for all skin types and is perfect for daily use. 

InvisibleZinc Technology uses a revolutionary naturally derived source of microfine zinc oxide to deliver its unique dry, clear finish for powerful protection against the sun's damaging rays. It contains Titanium Dioxide 3.7% and Zinc Oxide 3.5% total for the sunscreen to come up with a SPF30. They are both mineral sunscreens and are good for those who cannot handle chemical sunscreens. This is a broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning it will help to protect skin against UVA and UVB rays. UVA are the ones that you tan with and can cause skin cancer. UVB are the ones that burn you and definitely cause cancer. All sunscreens that you wear should be broad spectrum and should protect against both types of rays.   

What I like about this sunscreen is that it instantly sinks into the skin, which is unusual for a mineral sunscreen. It lasts for a long time and does not make the skin feel oily. It just feels like it has some lotion on it. Not heavy though. Skin feels protected and you can put your makeup on right after application. I am very happy with this sunscreen and it may be my new daily sunscreen for good. I personally prefer mineral sunscreens, because they are natural and there have been some studies that have linked some of the chemical sunscreens to some cancers. But titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are all natural and work wonderfully at reflecting the sun's rays away from the skin. Chemical sunscreens absorb the sun's rays.

3.5 oz./99g $14.22
This sunscreen for the body is similar to the one for the face. It also contains SPF30, which comes from Titanium Dioxide 3.67% and Zinc Oxide 3.5%. It is also a mineral sunscreen like the one for the face. It has the invisibleZinc Technology, which is used to keep the thick white film from forming on the body after application. Instead you have a revolutinary naturally sourced microfine zinc oxide that delivers its unique dry, clear finish for powerful protection from the sun's damaging rays. It also contains ceramides to help repair and restore the protective skin barrier. This sunscreen is a high performance, water resistant sunscreen that is suitable for all skin types. It is great for daily use on the even the most sensitive of skins. It is great for those who cannot tolerate chemical sunscreens. It comes in a lightweight formula that dries quickly and dries clear. Developed with dermatologists, this sunscreen is a breakthrough for many who cannot wear many sunscreens. 

I also like this sunscreen. It is lightweight in nature, water resistant to 40 minutes, and is great on the skin because you don't really feel it after you have applied it. It just kind of soaks in and the skin feels slightly like a lotion was applied. This is for those who cannot tolerate chemical sunscreens or who love zinc oxide sunscreens because they bounce the damaging rays off the skin. It is very similar to the facial sunscreen, so that is why I like it so much. In fact, I do believe that if I was in a pinch I could use this on my face. 

CeraVe can be found online at www.amazon.com. It can be found in mass market stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Target and WalMart. Like CeraVe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeraVe and Follow CeraVe on Twitter:@ceraveskin.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: HASK Argan Dry Shampoo #HASK #Argan #DryShampoo

(product photo courtesy of www.haskbeauty.com)

6.5 oz./184g $5.99
HASK Dry Shampoo collection contains various dry shampoos that are wonderful as removing excess oil, dirt and odor from your hair. I received the Argan one to try out. Removing excess oil is now easier than lather, rinse and repeat, because you don't have to do it while washing your hair! All you have to do is spray dry hair and wait, then brush through and voila! Hair looks and feels clean. Skip a wash or extend the life of your style with HASK Dry Shampoo. It contains Argan oil to leave your hair conditioned and even fresher than the first day after you wash it. Ultra-fine rice starch acts quickly to soak up oil, sweat and odor, leaving hair feeling revived, bouncy and clean. Saving time and never been this glamorous! To use: Shake well before and in-between uses. Section off hair, hold can 6-10 inches away from roots and spray onto roots. Wait 30 seconds then brush through or massage with fingertips. Style as directed. 

I have also tried the Charcoal version and that is more for oilier hair. I like the Argan version better because my hair is not that oily. In fact is is very dry and the Argan is great because it adds oil to the hair. I love dry shampoos and use them often. HASK is one is my favorites. It works really well. It mops up any oily residue that is in your hair but definitely leaves hair feeling soft, shiny and like you just washed it. 

HASK Hair products are available at mass market retailers and Ulta Beauty stores. Like HASK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaskHair; Follow HASK on Twitter:@HaskHair; Follow HASK on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/haskhair/  and Follow HASK on Instagram: https://instagram.com/haskhair/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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