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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Be New York Chic With Kushyfoot! #Kushyfoot #Tights #Socks #FootCovers

(photographs courtesy of www.kushyfoot.com)
Have you ever noticed that New Yorkers are at the forefront of fashion? Well you can be at the forefront of fashion too! New Yorkers look confident, stylish and always wear the hottest fashions. New Yorkers use products like tights to accessorize their looks and make their outfits look ultimately chic. Kushyfoot is at the forefront of chic foot and leg fashion. Accessorize your legs with sexy Shaping Tights or lovely Opaque Tights that will make your legs look long and lovely. These tights also have a Reflexology inspired massaging pad to make the bottom of your feet feel like they are loved all day long. Massage your feet with Kushyfoot’s Microfiber Crew Socks that make your feet feel like they have tiny hands lovingly taking care of your feet. Wear Foot Covers which have a cushy pad that cushions your feet to add comfort to your tired, aching feet. Read on below to see what Kushyfoot has in store for you this Fall and Winter! 

Kushyfoot Opaque Tights $8.99 or $20.97/ 3 pairs
kushyfoot opaque tights
I tried out the Large size in the Opaque Tights, which normally fit from a 5’2”-6’1” (135-190 lbs.). I will say that I am 6’1” and a little bit over 190 lbs. But they did fit well for me. I tried the black shade. They also come in brown, navy and gray. The tights fit great though! I love that they have a control top, massaging sole and very opaque leg (40 Denier). These tights are made from 91% Nylon and 9% Elastane. The massaging sole is unique to Kushyfoot. With every step your feet feel as if they are being massaged by someone. It definitely can be felt. They also have a reinforced toe for added durability. The tights are very thick, so that they will not run easily. That is the best thing about having opaque tights! The sizes for the tights are: Small, Medium, Large and Plus. I could definitely wear the Plus and have them fit very well. 

Kushyfoot Shaping Tights $9.99 each or $29.97/ 3 pairs
kushyfoot shaping tights
Another pair of tights that I was able to try out are the shaping tights. This is a wardrobe essential!These have the added benefit of figure and leg enhancement. With these I also tried out the Large size, which offers the same sizing (5’2”-6’1”, 135-190 lbs.) as the Opaque Tights. I could wear the Plus in these and have them fit well too. The Shaping Tights offer a built in Control Top, a massaging sole for extra comfort, a reinforced toe for durability and a more opaque leg (60 Denier). This product has been certified as a LYCRA beauty fabric, which means it goes through a certification program for shaping products that assures comfort and performance features. These tights are made from 87% Nylon and 13% Elastane. They come in the most indispensable color, Black. The tights are definitely great at helping to shape the midsection and thighs, keeping things “controlled”. I do feel they are a little bit harder to get on and off, but that is to be expected. Wearing the tights feels good, they have the massaging sole too. When one is dealing with control garments, comfort is not paramount. They come in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Plus. 

Kushyfoot Super Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers $6.99 or $23.97/ 6 pairs
kushyfoot super ultra low cut foot covers
These are Kushyfoot’s bestselling style! A great item to wear with even the lowest ballet flats, Super Ultra Low Foot Covers are available in Nude/Black, Mocha/Black, Nude and Black. They have a padded sole to cushion the ball of the foot, cushioned heel pad to ensure a stay-put fit every time and a super stretchy design that fits every foot shape and size. A new Large size is available in the Nude/Black and Mocha/Black assortments. The Regular size fits up to size 9 and the Large size fits from 9-12. I tried the Large size, since I wear a size 11 shoe! The best thing about these is that they actually stay on your feet. I have tried other brands and they do not stay on your feet while in the shoes. Why bother with foot covers if they are not going to stay on? These stay on and feel great. The massaging pad makes your feet feel nice, giving feet a nice break.

Kushyfoot Microfiber Crew Socks $4.99 or $13.47/ 3 pairskushyfoot microfiber crew socks
And finally, I was able to try the Microfiber Crew Socks, which are from their casual line. These come in 3 shades: Denim, Black and Brown. I tried the Black shade. These also have a massaging bottom worked into the sole, giving feet a feeling that there are little hands lovingly working on the feet all day long. These socks have a comfort band at the top to help keep them from falling down. They come in one size, which means they are meant to fit any foot. These are very comfortable and easy to wear. I like these socks. Mainly because they stay up, which is essential when you are wearing low cut socks. 

Kushyfoot products are available online via www.kushyfoot.com and in over 10,000 stores nationwide. They deliver high end quality at an affordable price. Kushyfoot has many more products than the ones I mentioned here, such as Flats-To-Go (ballet flats, open toe and sandals), Toe Pads, Knee Highs, Slippers and even Men’s items. Like Kushyfoot on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hosiery; Follow Kushyfoot on Twitter: @kushyfoot and Follow Kushyfoot on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kushyfoot/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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Allure and SkinBetter Launch an Online Tool for Skin Analysis #Allure #SkinBetter #skinanalysis #skin

Today, Allure and SkinBetter announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind skin-care analysis tool. SkinBetter is a system that takes the guesswork out of skin care, using a proprietary algorithm that combines photographic analysis, consumer information, and the SkinBetter expert advisory board's deep knowledge of product ingredients and quality to provide customized recommendations to consumers. A recent independent survey confirmed that 45 percent of women see dermatologists as having the ultimate expertise in beauty and that doctors' advice affects consumers' purchase decisions[1]. Together, SkinBetter and Allure are making dermatology more accessible to consumers.
"Most women are confused about their skin type and its needs," says Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure. "And when they shop for skin-care products, they're overwhelmed by the excess of choice and the dearth of reliable guidance to make that choice. SkinBetter brings accuracy and expertise to finding products and taking care of your skin at home."
The SkinBetter system works by analyzing a photo of a consumer's skin to identify wrinkles, spots, redness, and future problem areas. The system will be available on skinbetter.com and allure.com and in the Apple App and Google Play stores. The consumer takes or uploads a photo then answers a brief questionnaire (developed by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons). The photo is analyzed using patented technology developed by the world-renowned imaging engineers and scientists at Canfield Scientific and SkinBetter. SkinBetter's proprietary algorithm takes the data, along with the self-reported skin history and concerns, and provides customized product recommendations that have been vetted by some of the country's top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Consumers will be able to shop by recommended product, skin concern, skin type, product type, or brand. 
"SkinBetter is the first digital-analysis system that allows consumers to easily receive objective advice and direction about their skin. SkinBetter seeks to not only help consumers improve their skin but also become better educated about their overall skin health," commented Jonah Shacknai, cofounder of SkinBetter. "We are delighted to be working with Allure, the most influential voice in beauty, to introduce this technology."
Consumers will have access to robust content and industry-leading beauty expertise via the Skin 101 blog and the SkinBetter expert advisory board. These resources provide consumers with additional educational content, including dermatologists' product picks for various skin conditions. The Skin101 blog, found on skinbetter.com, will contain expert reporting from the Allure and SkinBetter teams and useful information on achieving healthy skin.  
About Allure

Allure is the beauty expert, an insiders' guide to a woman's total image, with a print audience of 6.6 million and an average monthly online audience of 3.1 million.
Allure's mission is to investigate and celebrate beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor and to examine appearance in a larger cultural context. 
Through its journalistic approach and high aesthetic standards, Allure delivers content with credentials, which yields unwavering consumer trust.
About SkinBetter
SkinBetter was established to help guide consumers through the treacherous jungle of cosmetic conditions and treatment products. SkinBetter takes the guesswork out of skin care through its proprietary system, which captures a photo of the skin, analyzes it through patented technology developed by the world-renowned imaging engineers and scientists at Canfield Scientific, and adds self-reported skin history and concerns to an algorithm. A series of customized product choices recommended by leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons are provided. With all of these tools, SkinBetter is the leading online solution, helping consumers gain a specialized understanding of their skin and the pathway toward better aesthetic health. Follow SkinBetter at facebook.com/myskinbetter, on Pinterest at pinterest.com/skinbetter, on YouTube at youtube.com/skinbetter, and @SkinBetter on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Make-Up By One Direction. #OneDirection #makeup

one direction makeup
It's now official – the world's biggest band, One Direction, is launching a range of makeup inspired by, and designed for, the band's millions of fans.  Much like the cheeky band members, Make-Up by One Direction is fun, bold and a tad mischievous. 
The collections feature vivid shades and premium formulas, all presented in uniquely collectible, limited-edition packaging, and inspired by the band's chart topping albums, "Midnight Memories," "Take Me Home" and "Up All Night."  Products feature formulas that should resonate with fans, including LiquiLights Glow Gloss, a UV-reactive gloss that sparkles during the day and glows under black (UV) light after dark. 
Band members Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles – currently engaged in a world stadium tour – hinted at news of the line when Niall posted a photo on Twitter of his nails covered in varnish and his hands "swatched" with makeup.
"Just had a great meeting about 1D make up! It's that good I'm gonna start wearing it myself," tweeted Niall Horan. 
The line will debut at Macy's, August 10th, as the band simultaneously kicks off the American leg of One Direction's "Where We Are" tour.  Products will be available in other premium retail venues in the U.S. and around the world shortly thereafter.
Make-Up by One Direction is designed and marketed by Markwins International, in concert with MCI Beauty Limited – a partnership between Markwins International, CBBeauty Limited, and Eden Parfums Limited. Building upon a 30-year history of industry leadership and innovation, Markwins International is synonymous with high-quality cosmetics at an unbeatable value.  Markwins' portfolio of brands includes wet n wild®, Physicians Formula®, #flashmob®, The Color Workshop®, and a range of licensed collections.  Founded in 1984, the vertically integrated company pioneered the concept of the all-in-one cosmetics compact, and has received numerous awards for product safety and its commitment to cruelty-free practices.

Magic Instant Bigga Lashes Fibres Take France by Storm as They Debut in this Month’s Elle Magazine #LashBlack #mascara

lash black logo

Fluttery, long and lush lashes are perhaps the end goal of every beauty conscious girl, and it’s now an achievable reality owing to Lash Black Beauty’s launch of superior quality professional and affordable semi-permanent mascara . Magic Instant Bigga lashes are designed with professional lash technicians and beauticians in mind as well as women looking to cultivate mega-lengthy lashes in seconds. The large lashes have graced the pages of Belgian and French Elle with a spread centred on the popping, bold and dynamic looks garnered by the mascara’s application with before and after shots used to demonstrate the dramatic changes. 

Compatible with regular mascaras, the product makes eyelashes thicker and fuller with savvy beauty lovers using the mascara not only for luxurious lashes, but also to fill in sparse eyebrows.  Brows damaged by over-plucking can be shaped, sculpted and filled in for an ultra-trendy catwalk look. Waterproof and smudge proof, the lashes are designed for ladies with a busy lifestyle who can create a dramatic, instant effect for any party, get-together or event. Designed to make eyes pop and cultivate a real wow factor, the miniscule black particles are contained in a tantalising pink and gold pot and once brushed over eyelashes, immediately create dramatic, weightless lashes to die for. 
Veronica Koppelman, managing director of VZ Hair and Glamour said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul and really frame the face. We’ve stocked and sold a vast assortment of mascaras in the past but never felt that we had found one that did the job as we envisioned. The beauty of Magic Instant Bigga lashes is that they are basically false lashes in a pot but with none of the tacky obviousness of other products; they don’t damage your own lashes, they are weightless and you can add as many layers as necessary until you achieve the desired length and texture. 
“Big lashes have always been a fashion trend but so now are big brows with stars from Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins stepping out to show off thick, full sculpted brows. Used in conjunction with our semi-permanent mascara options, your eye lashes will be the envy of all you encounter for up to three weeks making it a great option for batting those lashes on holiday, at the beach or just about anywhere. The most powerful weapon in a girl’s arsenal is her eyes!” 
Forward thinking beauty lovers opting for a chic, quick style can recreate versatile high-street and catwalk looks whilst professional lash technicians can cultivate enduring tried and tested styles for clients. The company’s online shop provides a myriad of products designed to be used in tandem with Magic Instant Bigga Lashes, including a range of mascaras such as LashBlack Semi Permanent Mascara, a professional LashBlack full starter kit, primers, removers and brushes. For fledgling fashionistas, an online DVD training course is available to help beginners become acquainted with their lovely lashes. 
Veronica added, “Eyes are naturally gorgeous but the lashes and brows serve as the frame. Dressing up eyes with mascara is a great way to feel instantly beautiful and powerful for eyes that pack a really sizzling stare. Our mascara is designed to be affordable, instant and of course, magic! There really is no better mascara on the market for lashes that will evoke instant envy.” 

About Lash Black Beauty: Lovers of big, bold lashes are turning to Lash Black Beauty in droves. The company began stocking and selling an assortment of options from various mascara brands before debuting their own superior quality products. Competitively priced, all products are ideal for professional lash technicians and salon beauticians as well as beauty worshippers who want to cultivate long, lush lashes of their own.  

semi-permanent mascara , Magic Instant Bigga Lashes , mascaras , lush lashes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Launches Her NEW Makeup Line At Nordstrom At The Grove

On October 9th at Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles, Charlotte Tilbury hosted influencers, celebrity friends and special guests to celebrate the launch of her line and kick off her one-of-a-kind, weekend-long beauty spectacular—Nordstrom Presents: Charlotte Tilbury’s Makeup Your Destiny Beauty Festival, in support of Girls Inc.—at a VIP preview party. VIP attendees included Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Cat Deeley, Lily Allen, Liberty Ross, Alice Temperley, Jazzy di Lisser, Keltie Knight, Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer and Michelle Alves. Attractions included beats by The British Bardot, a Tilbury Transformation Bar, Hypnotizing & Mesmerizing Eye Bar, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lip Bar, psychic readings by Jayne Wallace of the Psychic Sisters, Turn Back Time Skin Bar with facial mapping from celebrity facialist Dr. Nigma, eye and lip readings, Creative Visualization & Wishing Wall, Photo booth, and Tilbury Tutorial Stage. The event was open to consumers on Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11.

image012image013(2)charlotte tilbury los angeles 1charolotte tilbury los angeles 2
At the event, Kim Kardashian gushed about Charlotte and her line to E! News, saying “I just love her line, so I wanted to come out and support her. I actually was at a dinner party and I went over to her table and was like ‘I’m sorry! This is so rude. I hate when people come up to me and bug me when I’m eating, but I’m such a big fan of yours.’ I fanned out on her!” Kim was recently quoted saying she especially likes Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body.

charlotte tilbury los angeles 3

NEWS! L'Oreal USA Signs Agreement To Acquire Carol's Daughter

L'Oreal USA Logo
L'Oreal USA announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Carol's Daughter. Headquartered in New York City, Carol's Daughter is a premier American multi-cultural beauty brand with a pioneering heritage in the natural beauty movement. Created by Lisa Price in 1993, the brand caters to a diverse, rapidly growing market and has established a loyal consumer following across the country.
Following a multi-channel distribution model, Carol's Daughter offers a comprehensive range of products that are available at specialty beauty stores, mass retailers, on HSN, through e-commerce and at Carol's Daughter branded stores in New York City. For the 12 months ending September 30, 2014, Carol's Daughter had net sales of US $27 million.
"Carol's Daughter possesses an expertise in the multi-cultural consumer segment, a rapidly expanding market that represents an important growth opportunity in the beauty industry," said Frederic Roze, President and CEO of L'Oreal USA. "This acquisition will enable L'Oreal USA to build a new dedicated multi-cultural beauty division as part of our Consumer Products business, and strengthen the company's position in this dynamic market."
Carol's Daughter will continue to operate out of their New York City headquarters under the brand's current leadership team. This acquisition further enhances roster of American brands which includes Maybelline NY, Kiehl's, Essie, Urban Decay, Clarisonic and NYX.
"I have worked hard for the past 21 years nurturing my brand and am thrilled that we will have a new home with L'Oreal USA," said Lisa Price, Founder and President of Carol's Daughter. "L'Oreal has a proven track record of helping established companies achieve their full potential while staying true to the core of the brand and they have an understanding of the future of multi-cultural beauty. I could not be more proud to begin this next chapter of the Carol's Daughter brand with them. I know that my mother (Carol) is smiling as well."
The closing is subject to the standard regulatory approvals and other customary conditions.

Review: tarte away oui go holiday gift set #tarte #tartecosmetics #holiday

clip_image002This year Ulta has an amazing holiday gift set from tarte that you are sure to love! This gift set is called away oui go and contains an empty compact that you can fill with one of four eye shadow/blush sets (16 Amazonian Clay eye shadows and 4 Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes). It also comes with a deluxe lights, camera, lashes-4-in-one mascara and 3 deluxe maracuja lipglosses. The set is interchangeable and easy to use. Just pop in a new set when you are ready to take it with you. There is a magnet that holds the palette in the compact, no worries!
All of the eye shadows and blushes are in neutral shades, so they are perfect for anyone. The entire collection has a French influence. Each set is color coordinated so that it takes the guess work out of having to choose what colors to wear. The colors are as follows: <set 1 shadows> private chateau (matte cream), café for cream brulee (matte caramel), tea for two (shimmery medium brown), marvel at the Mona Lisa (dark matte brown) and irresistible blush (matte bright coral); <set 2 shadows> macarons for you (matte light caramel brown), champagne & chocolat (shimmery medium caramel), kisses under the Arc (shimmery peach), art in Montmartre (shimmery tan) and envisioned blush (shimmery peach); <set 3 shadows> Champs-Elysees shopping (matte cool gray), stargazing on the Seine (shimmery cool gray), Eiffel Tower engagement (matte cool dark gray), secret soiree (shimmery violet) and limitless blush (cool matte reddish coral); <set 4 shadows> snow angels in the parc (shimmery cream), navigating the Metro (shimmery cool brown), midnight stroll (matte eggplant), liaison at the Louvre (matte charcoal) and intrigue blush (matte red). The lipgloss colors are: Paris (cool pink), Canvas (warm pink) and Nice (neutral pink). 

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4: 


What I love about this set is the versatility. With 16 eye shadows and 4 blush shades, you can get a good number of looks, using the shades from the various palettes and then take them with you. Or, use from 1 palette only! The eye shadows are of great quality, with excellent pigmentation. I found that they go on smoothly, have little to no fallout and blend like a dream. 
I did one look so you could get an idea of what the colors look like in real life. Below you can see some of the eye shadows and one of the blushes. I used a few from a couple of the palettes. For this look I took tea for two and used in the crease then took marvel at the Mona Lisa and lined the lower lid with it. I also then took that shade and used it on the outer 1/3 of the upper lid and to deepen the crease. Then I took kisses under the Arc and used it on the rest of the lid. Under the brow I used snow angels in the parc. I did not line my upper lids, just used lights, camera, lashes mascara on my lashes. On my cheeks I used irresistible blush. Under my eye shadow I used their new colored clay CC eye primer stick ($21.00), which is one of the best eye shadow primers I have ever used. The waterproof formula keeps eye shadow looking fresh all day long without any creasing. It absorbs oil on the lids and has skin nourishing colored clay. One other item that I made sure to use was tarte clean slate smoothing primer ($39.00), which helps keep my foundation perfect all day long. It blurs lines and large pores, so that skin looks perfect. The antioxidant-rich formula is infused with Vitamins C & E, and green bean extract. This primer gently melts into the skin delivering a surge of moisture, peptides and other naturally-derived elixirs for a more firmer, smoother appearance.


The tarte away oui go set retails for $48.00 and is available from www.ulta.com and in Ulta stores. Like tarte cosmetics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tartecosmetics; Follow tarte on Twitter: @tartecosmetics; Follow tarte on Instagram: http://instagram.com/tartecosmetics; Follow tarte on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tartecosmetics/;Subscribe to tarte on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tartecosmetics and Follow tarte on Google+: https://plus.google.com/103695503093959855799/posts.
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie
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