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Monday, August 1, 2011

Packages on the way!

Recently I have placed a few orders with Illamasqua, to get my little paws on their new Skin Base. This stuff is supposed to be the end all be all of foundations mixed with Blemish Balms. I won a sample and loved it. It was too dark so I am hoping the new color I ordered will be better. They are in England so you are just hoping and praying!
I also was contacted by a company that originated in Spain and is now in London, called Cazcarra. They have some beautiful shadows and I am hoping that what I ordered will be just gorgeous and all shimmery. You know I am all about the shimmer. :)
My oldest daughter wanted some Stila palettes now that she found out about my discount. Me and my big mouth. They were just a few dollars so I bought her a couple and a few for me. I am really happy with the quality that Stila has had recently.
As soon as I have my fun stuff I will write about it all!!!!!

One more thing. Is there anything anyone wants me to write about? I can answer skincare questions, etc.? 

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