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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Lip Savvy Lip Gloss

Lip Savvy in Halo
If you like the lip plumping lip glosses that are available out there right now, like Lip Venom, you will love Lip Savvy. It is a lip plumping gloss available in 12 matte creamy colors and 10 shimmery colors. The color I received is Halo, a shimmery beige.

Lip Savvy in Halo

Fun Packaging
Lip Savvy comes in a "click" pen form package, which I like because I can use as little or as much as I want. It takes just a few clicks to get it started and then you have a nice, slightly sticky gloss. I like sticky glosses because they last longer on your lips. Halo is a nice color, not too overpowering on the lips. When I put it on my lips I was expecting a tingle or feeling that you normally get from plumping lipglosses but I was pleasantly surprised that I did not get that. It did plump my lips right away though and I was pleased with the results.

Color Chart
Lip Savvy is available for $18.00 on www.belipsavvy.com. The lipgloss itself offers protection from three types of known free radicals,  has collagen boosting properties, is moisturizing, minimizes fine lines and it plumps lips. How awesome is that? Also, Lip Savvy comes in the cutest packaging. Animal prints that set it apart from any other gloss I have ever seen.

Would I buy it? Yes. I am actually interested in some of the other shimmery colors like OMG and Exotic Topic. I think I will have to head over to www.belipsavvy.com in the very near future!

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