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Monday, September 26, 2011

Two looks with the New MAC Fall Colour Collections

I took one look at the new MAC Fall collections and went "What?" I know they like to get a little bit out there. Maybe this time they were trying to emulate Illamsqua some. I don't know. In one collection the model was a clown. Yes, I am serious. However, I did find some really nice items to buy from these three collections. I am not going to go in depth into all of the collections, you are able to find that already on the net. I will go into making some of these products into "real" looks.

In the first look I used the gorgeous Angel Flame eye quad. Angel Flame has some cute colors in it, Chamomile (a light yellow, repromote), Angel Flame (shimmery coral), Feather Pink (shimmery medium bright pink) and Gravel (charcoal gray). I liked all the colors except gravel. I found it did not go on very well, was chalky and tugged at my skin. I also bought Ash Violet Fluidline (shimmery purple with flecks of gold). On my lips I am wearing Fusion Pink Amplified lipstick (a gorgeous bright pink with a hint of blue to it). In this picture I wore MAC Stunner blush from MAC Me Over, the best blush to come out from MAC in AGES! The way I used it is Gravel in the crease and on the outside of the lid. On the lid I used Angel Flame and Chamomile under the Brow. I used Feather Pink under the eye.

 In the second look I used the Parlor Smoke quad with some of the pigments. The quad is really dark so I used just the color Parlor Smoke (mid tone shimmery gray in the crease and I used Blue Storm pigment in the outer edge of the eye on the lid and under the eye. Then I used Violet pigment on the lid. I blended the Parlor Smoke up under the brow. Liquid liner is Sephora's Fancy Blue #13 and my usual MAC Opulash Optimum Mascara. Blush was Clinique's Peony Fresh Bloom and Lipstick is Maybelline's Beige Bombshell. I am very happy with the new pigment, Blue Storm. It is deep and rich. Lots of shimmer.
2nd look

Angel Flame Quad
The other pigments, Emerald Dusk and Starless Night, are also very nice. Emerald dusk has a lot of shimmer and is also very deep. Starless Night is dark and has shimmer throughout the pigment but is not just a shimmery pigment in and of itself. Overall though I was happy to have them. I still don't like the new packaging. :(
Emerald Dusk

Parlor Smoke Quad
Violet, Blue Storm, Emerald Dusk, Starless Night

Fusion Pink Amplified Lipstick
Starless Night Pigment

Violet Pigment

Ash Violet Fluidline
Blue Storm Pigment

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