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Wednesday, November 2, 2011




Great skincare is often incredibly expensive but sometimes you can find some items in the drugstore that perform well at either 1/2 the cost or even 1/10 the cost of the other items! When I came along the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Enzyme Pineapple Mask for around $4.00, I said this looks promising. It can be found at most drugstores, I found this at Rite-Aid.


The mask is a gelatinous leave on mask that smells like pineapple. It is applied all over the face, except for the eyes and lips. Directions say to leave it on for 10 minutes. If you can stand it and have nothing else to do, leave it on for a few minutes more. Rinse with very warm water on a washcloth. The mask has VERY small grains to exfoliate, so if you feel like rubbing them around a little you can but they do not really do much.


The ingredients list consists of a number of chemical exfoliants that really help to smooth the skin. The mask contains: lactic acid (from milk), glycolic acid (from sugar cane), papaya extract and pineapple extract. It also has a number of essential oils such as lemon and lavender oils. There is also Vitamin E and panthenol to soothe the skin.


I do think the mask is rather innocuous for those who can handle these types of exfoliants and oils. It is inexpensive and leaves my skin very smooth. It is not a major peel per se but will work for light exfoliation.

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