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Thursday, January 5, 2012



I have been blogging for a few short months now and I really want to get some feedback from readers as to what they want me to do, things they would like covered and anything they would like changed. You can send me a private email or comment on the blog itself. I just need to know how I am doing. I would appreciate it.





  1. I like looking at your blog when I am able. Makeup is something I've always enjoyed.

    As I've hinted previously, instead of just reviewing the products, presenting them with some focus might be a better draw. While I merely suggested a one time need for a purse collection of tote-able holiday colors, I know some reviewers do costume character makeup, which is just another way of having fun with color. Consider presentation motifs for variety and excitement like the old print mags you and I once loved did in the past.

    On the obvious upside, I do like the products and you, of course, are lovely as ever.

  2. We used to have so much fun together when we did our makeup! I will try and do some of the suggestions you listed. For a night out per se or maybe a really fun makeup. Thank you for the suggestions, they mean a lot to me!

  3. This is more of a test comment since I saw that a couple af'ers comments didn't show up. Are you set up for comment moderation? Maybe you need to approve them first?

  4. my 18 year old daughter has terrible acne and i am out of products to try. we have been to the dermatologist, tried pro-activ, the sephora route..nothing seems to work! would love to see some product suggestions


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