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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Recently I had a number of people asking about my lips and how they were done. So I thought I would show you in photos. I will try and do a video tutorial too. I will also be covering the eye makeup as I thought it looked pretty good today. And I have a gripe!
In the first photo you can see my lips are just covered with foundation to act as a base for the lipliner, the foundation I use varies every day. Today I used Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam. Then I cover my entire lip with lipliner, a light nude brown color. In this second photo you can see that my lips are covered with Cover Girl lipliner in Sublime. I go beyond the boundary of my lipline to create a fuller lip. In the third photo you can see that my lips have lipgloss on them. I decided to use Stila Sparkle Luxe Lipgloss in Fairy Dust, a Pink-Melon tone.

For the rest of my makeup today, I used Urban Decay eyeshadows on my eyes. I used Last Call (gorgeous shimmery dark purple mauve) in the crease, on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Then I used Sin (dark shimmery beige) on the lid and Polyester Bride (glittery shimmery white) under the brow. To line the upper lid I used Illamaqua’s Precision Ink in Havoc (burgundy). For mascara I used Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes in Black. On the cheeks I used the new Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral (peachy coral).
I do have a big gripe with the Dream Bouncy Blush. I went to use it and I tried it. It was difficult to use. I finally was able to build some up with my fingers after severaluses but then the silly blush collapsed! I don’t recommend this. So now I have a cute colored blush that is collapsed and that doesn’t really deposit any color. I may take it back to Walgreens. It was expensive too!!!! Has anyone else found this to be a problem?


  1. I like the American Beauty blush from Kohl's. Good amount of pigment, don't need too much to get a nice color.

  2. I think you should ditch the liner or at least keep it within your lipline. It looks dated.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for the comment. Personally, I think my top lip line is horrible looking so I line outside to make it look fuller. Otherwise it looks like a funky cupid's bow. And then I FEEL uncomfortable with how I look. Since makeup should make you feel good, that is how I plan on keeping it. I get compliments all the time on my lips.

  4. I think it's interesting what you are doing. I have done something like it in the past .. and while I don't have too much problem with the shape of my lips my bow is becoming uneven (or maybe it always was and I never noticed).. but I do use lip liner and I use lots of color to deposit and even stains to get the right base and then layer it on.. I think I have 5 lip colors on today
    love the eyes.

  5. I love the colors you used. very nice! I have the same probs with the blush....I had the color plum wine and it broke the second I used it. The color payoff was ok....i needed more times to build the color up. My drugstore didnt take it back.
    Sayuri :)

  6. Glad I am not the only one with the Dream Bouncy Blush issue. It must be hollow underneath. Too bad because the colors are very nice!


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