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Thursday, April 26, 2012



I must have a vendetta against my dead skin cells. I am constantly finding ways in which to get rid of them. Peels and exfoliants are my weapons of choice. One day I was browsing the philosophy web site and I came upon the great mystery: one minute daily facial. It is a white cream that warms when applied to the skin and is left on for only one minute. After washing off, your skin is left very soft and velvety. I actually leave it on for a little bit longer, and there are no detrimental results. It comes in a 5 oz. tube for $25.00. Some of the ingredients in the great mystery are glycerin, water, sea salt, panthenol, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate, plankton extract, algae extract and lavender oil. I really love how this product makes my skin feel soft and at least a couple of years younger! The exfoliants in this product are the sea salt, panthenol and propylene glycol. They work to help chemically get rid of dead skin cells. 

I know that I often cover philosophy products but they do have a good number of products that do what they claim they will do, are priced right and have great ingredients. As an esthetician, I feel that a line like that deserves good reviews.

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  1. I've really enjoyed my philosophy products as well.

  2. That is great to hear! I think they have wonderful skincare. I use a lot of their products. I have never been disappointed.

  3. If you were going to choose the "triple acid pads" or the Microdelivery peel, which one would be your choice?

  4. What a great question and one that is difficult to answer. It honestly depends on how much you expect the product to do. Every product has its own function and it all depends on what your expectations are too. The Triple Acid Brightening pads are amazing but awfully expensive. They do more than the Microdelivery Peel pads do, but the ingredients are also better. I adore these and would prefer them mainly for the brightening effect they provide. The Microdelivery Peel pads are great for minor exfoliation that keeps skin looking nice and "clean" day to day. Does this answer your question?


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