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Thursday, April 19, 2012



For summer Maybelline decided they were going all out with a bright palette of colors that is reminiscent of hot summer nights spent in a steamy colorful beach south of the equator. Yes, I know I am too pale to pull this off but hey, I love bright colors! I thought I could at least try!

When I looked at the entire display I was agog with excitement but I held back and purchased only a few items because they were Buy One, Get One 50% Off. I got two eyeshadow duos, Fine In Fiji (light shimmery lilac pink and bright shimmery purple) and Oriental Spice (bright shimmery coral and dark shimmery bronze brown). I bought a Color Sentational Lipstick in Caribbean Coral Luster (very bright coral) and Line Express Eyeliner in Getaway Green (bright shimmery acid green). I didn’t use the eyeliner in this look.

On the eyes I took the bright purple from the Fine in Fiji duo and used it in the crease. I ten took the bronze color from the Oriental Spice duo and used it on the outer corner of the lid and underneath the eye. I used the coral from the duo on the lid. Under the brow I used the lilac pink tone from the Fine in Fiji duo. For mascara I used Maybelline’s Lots of Lashes Great Lash in Black.

I didn’t buy any of the bronzers from the summer collection because they were too dark for me, but for this look I used Benefit’s La Bamba coral blush. I thought it would look very nice. I used a light nude lip liner on my lips and then applied the Caribbean Coral Luster lipstick. It is very shiny and bright, just the kind of coral I have been wearing this year. Maybe when summer rolls around I will use a spray tan and then try these colors again. Just a bit of HEALTHY tanned skin (spray only please!) and these colors will pop!



  1. OMG your skin is gorgeous. Love the lipstick. It seems very bright in the tube, but pinker on your lips. Do you think that is because of the nude lipliner underneath?

  2. Thank you for the compliment about my skin! I pride myself on keeping it young looking. :)

    It is very bright in the tube but I do think the nude lipliner made it a little bit muddled on my lips. I am odd in that I like to have my lips completely covered in lipliner. It helps to mmute bright colors a little too.


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