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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I want to write about beauty. The fact is that we are all discussing beauty, how beauty can be obtained and who really is the most beautiful when we are writing these blogs. I know I am not a classical beauty. I have an asymmetrical face: one brow is higher than the other, my eyes are hooded and small, my nose has a large bump and my small lips tend to pucker so that I look like I have duckface. Now that I have gotten my flaws out of the way I can discuss what I like about myself. I am six feet one inch, have fair almost flawless skin, high cheekbones, pretty eyes that contain myriad colors and thick hair. The reason I am doing this is that I had a comment on one of my blog entries the other day that hurt my feelings. Yes, I do need to be able to take criticism if I am going to be able to do this, but I want people to know a few things.
Years ago when I was seventeen I was in an accident that broke my jaw and several front teeth. My jaw became misaligned and because of that my smile is “out of whack”. So I don’t like to smile with my teeth open. Because of this misalignment, when my lips are closed you can see that they tend to pucker out. I am not purposely doing this. Now, about my eyes. If you are born with hooded eyes, the older you get the more likelier they are to become more hooded. Couple that with my high brows and I have a hard time doing my eye makeup. However, I do believe that I have found a decent way to do my eye makeup that so that it suits me well. After all, I have had my face for forty-one years…
So, nobody is perfect. But I like the way I look and think that it is okay. There is no need to go and try to hurt someone’s feelings.

Heyho :)
I was looking for some pictures about a NYX palette, when I stumbled over you pictures. Please excuse my english in case it's really bad, I'm not a native speaker.
So I came here, to your blog and after seeing some blogposts of yours (and since you say you criticsm) I just wanted to point at some things you might think about to enhance the quality of this site.
And the first thing would be: Please stop pushing your lips together. It's what they call duckface. It doesnt make lips look bigger it makes your mouth look kinda weird. Relax the area around your mouth, that's prettier.
Second: Get some help with the camera. You can either stand in front of a mirror and check the display with a look in a mirror or ask someone to take the pics. Cause they're not only blurred but the perspectiv isn't the best one to shoot make ups (and it doesn't make you look good).
Things like Flickr btw make it easier to embed pictures (and make that look prettier aswell).
Third: You might want to take a second look at the shape of your eyes. The outer corner drops and you have hooded eyelids. Both need more attention than I can see on the pictures. You should absolutely avoid to follow your crease when shading, because it brings both out. It's basically one technic that covers both.
When shading, start A LOT higher. And don't raise up your brows that distorbs the result! You should work above the crease, bring the shadows a lot higher. It will open your eyes a lot. I you look straight, take a brush and hold it close to your eyes, horizontally. The innerst, lowest point of your eybrow is the height you want for the highest point of your shadow, to point it out exactly the vertical line should be right between the middle and the outer third of the eye.
I write Anonymous cause I don't have any of those accounts, but here's an emailadress of mine: >>>>> in case you want to talk about it :)
As I said, I'm not a native speaker and I really hope this didn't sound rude, it's not easy to get a feeling for that, cause in my native language we've got quite similar phrases but with different connotation...

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