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Friday, August 10, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal: Review

Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal is probably one of the best little concealers I have ever used. And I have used a lot of concealers! This little wonder was developed to be used on the eye or face area and all you need is just a teeny, tiny amount to cover a large area. This fabulous product is one of her best selling, and soon you will see why.
Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal is a concealer and treatment in one. Just a tiny amount is needed to improve skin tone. It also has the M3 Complex, contains marine collagen, white rose and chamomile extracts which protect with other essential oils to soothe the skin. Color correcting minerals will transform skin with into a smooth and radiant complexion in minutes! Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal corrects by visibly minimizing the signs of aging and keeps skin smooth and glowing. It covers instantly, thus transforming skin, covering dark circles, blemishes and lines around the eyes and face. It comes in Light, Medium, Tan and Dark.
Above you can see Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal in Light. I used a larger amount than I would normally use to show how thick and dense the product is. After spreading it out, you can see that it covers all of the skin on my forearm. You can use it with your bare fingers or even a concealer brush. Either works very well. The only bad thing I have to say about this product is that the Light color is just a tad too dark for my coloring There, that is it. I would prefer a little bit lighter color. But in the end, most foundation and concealers are too dark for me.
Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal is available from: www.miracleskintransformer.com, www.sephora.com, and Sephora stores for $36.00. The tube is 0.50 fl.oz./15ml, which is a pretty good amount considering the amount needed for each use is really not that much. It will last a good long time. I love this product and highly recommend it!

The above product was sent for review.  I am giving you my honest opinion. Otherwise you would not feel obligated to trust me and my blog. Thank you.

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