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Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Makeup Collection

I have long wanted to show my makeup collection. Today I am going to start off my showing where it is housed. Later I will take individual photos of the actual bins where everything is stored. That’s going to take a whole day, or more! As you can see everything is full up. I need more bins to hold it all. My husband is thinking of moving it into the guest bedroom so that I have more room and he wants to build me something better to house it all. The scary thing is that I know where where everything is. I need to free my brain for other useless information…


There you have it. These are just the main photos. Soon I will take everything out and photograph it individually. I am sure that will take a while!



  1. Amazing that you know where everything is. It must be organized well.

    1. I have to, otherwise I would never use any of it!

  2. My jaw just drop. That's a huge collection, which I am no where close to :)That's really nice of your husband.
    Hope all is well with you xx

  3. Wow~ thats alot...do you even use 100% of it most of the time? lol
    I used to have a collection like that, but I gave alot away and sold some. It was really no point to have so much make-up and holding onto it when i didn't really use them so much...brand and no brand. It was a waste in my eyes~so I gave them to people who would use them like hell xDD

    And now my collection is very minimal, but my friends still say I have alot.
    You should do a blog sale~!

  4. ow that is alot!!!!! i struggle to use what i have that would take a lifetime, some fabulous pieces in your collection

  5. Marie, If yoou ever want to get rid of some stuff. Send it over my way! lol AMAZING!!!

  6. if only you saw my collection...


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