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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Maybelline’s The Flash Clean (Clean Express)


Sometimes the products that come out in the drugstores surprise me. In a good way. I found this in Walgreens the other day. There was a display of four products: cleansing wipes, regular eye makeup remover, a makeup remover gel and this makeup remover lotion.

I am going to tell you straight up I adore this product. It was only a mere $5.99 but for that much money I now have a great product that when applied, instantly liquefies all of my makeup.  And that includes my eye makeup. It even gets the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup! The great thing about this is that you only need a small amount.

The lotion is infused with Moringa Seed extract (often called nature’s purifier) to go beyond regular makeup removal to cleanse, moisturize and hydrate the skin. I find that my skin feels great afterwards but I still want to use a cleanser, so I take a little bit of philosophy’s Purity on my Clarisonic to make sure everything is gone (I am an over cleanser). I now want to try the gel formula and see how well it cleanses! This is definitely a two thumbs up!


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