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Friday, May 10, 2013

Up For a Challenge? Santalia Announces 30 Day Clear Skin Challenge

Up For a Challenge?

clear skin

Santalia is now offering a 30 Day Clear Skin Challenge.  It’s simple:

Step 1: Take the Challenge: http://www.santaliashop.com/take-the-challenge/
(You will receive $20 off your first purchase)

Step 2: Take your “before” picture.  Use product for 30 days and get ready for clearer skin!

Step 3: Take your “after” picture and upload it.  Then, you’re done! You’ll be sent a FREE Acne Therapy Kit. 




More About Santalia: 

Originally developed in Australia, Santalia’s range of all-natural, clinically-proven acne products are formulated using one of the world’s most ancient healers, Sandalwood.  With a brand new look and the same exceptional ingredients, these products are now available for purchase in the U.S.

Santalia’s Acne Treatment products work to provide a natural alternative for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Void of harsh, toxic chemicals, this simple regimen, based on the Sandalwood tree is clinically proven to quickly reduce and clear blemishes without over drying. The formulations meet FDA requirements for over-the-counter treatments and are an effective, yet natural remedy to clear, calm and smooth skin at any age.

santalia_challengeAdditional Features & Benefits:

· Natural Sandalwood Oil calms irritations and combats bacteria

· Lemon Myrtle, a traditional Australian plant extract contains antibacterial properties

· Kakadu Plum, an Australian Bush Food know to be the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin

· Laminaria Digitata Extracts, an extract of seaweed that is rich in minerals for balanced skin, and zinc that help reduce 5-alphe reductase activity and P.acnes






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