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Friday, September 6, 2013

Looks with Illamasqua’s The Sacred Hour Fall Collection


Illamasqua always surprises with their makeup collections. This Fall was no exception. The Sacred Hour is an interesting take on the fall trend of using purples, metallics with a twist of false eyelashes thrown in for good measure. I am not really reviewing it, just showing how this look can be used on real women in the real world. I am a 42 year old woman who loves their makeup and I want to wear it. I am not going to sacrifice pretty makeup in my life just because I am getting older!

Here is what I got from the collection: it includes an eyeshadow quad called Reflection (made up of four highly pigmented metallic/shimmer eyeshadows that are of a new formula, they are supposed to be water resistant); two Velvet Matte cream blushes in Sleek ( and Peaked; a matte dark purple lipstick in Shard (red violet), Precision Gel eyeliner Infinity (deep black and I had this already), Nail Varnish in Facet. The Reflection palette has four eye shadows: Precipice (soft lemon shimmer), Acute (soft taupe shimmer), Graphica (graphite gray shimmer) and Dart (toasted bronze shimmer). Sleek Velvet Cream blush is a dusky coral. Peaked Velvet Cream is a dusky rose.



(False Eye Lashes)


(Reflection Eye Shadow Palette)


(Sleek Velvet Matte Blush)


(Peaked Velvet Matte Blush)


(Facet Nail Varnish)


(Shard Lipstick)


(Infinity Precision Gel Eyeliner)


Look 1



Look 2

I wasn’t really going to do a review. However, I am extremely disappointed in this new formula. I used it wet this morning and the colors didn’t look great. They got very muted and kind of blended out and just looked blah. I was really surpised consideraing that they are metallic. The new formula is a bouncy creamy kind similar to the Maybelline Bounce blush (which I loathe). I was hoping that these would go on better wet, have more pigment but they just did nothing…On my cheeks is Peaked Velvet cream blush. I love these. They give a lot of color even when used with a synthetic fibre brush. I used a different lipstick for this look, Flicker (shimmery bronze with a matte finish). It’s not part of the collection but I thought it would look good with the metallic theme. I love their lipsticks so much, a lot of pigment and no matter the finish the always look good.



So, I don’t recommend using the Reflection palette wet. I had better luck with it dry. So sad too because I was hoping for a nice mettalic eye look, but it ended up looking drab. Don’t you agree? The Precision Gel Eyeliner is great, it goes on amazingly well. I haven’t tried the false eyelashes or the nail polish yet but they look gorgeous!. I am hoping to wear the lashed out tonight!

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