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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NYFW Weekend Nail Roundup by Pattie Yankee | Patricia Nail Lacquer #PatriciaNail #NYFW

This weekend, celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee created some amazing nail looks using Patricia Nail Lacquer for designers Kaelen, Delpozo and Porsche design during New York Fashion Week. Please see additional information below:


Going for a girly, yet feminine and strong look, Pattie mixed two custom Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquers, a taupe using ¾ of her Flesh shade and ¼ Cornerstone and a pink where she applied one coat of Love then a coat of Veil. Using her Inspire Nails in Clear Almond, she adhered to models’ nails and then filed into a rounded point.

pat nail 1pat nail 2 pat nail 3

 pat nail 4

inspirepat nailpat nail 18pat nail 19pat nail 20


With the “lyrical abstraction” inspired collection, Pattie collaborated with the Delpozo design team to create a striking, yet simplistic nail. “We wanted the models to be able to see the gorgeous pieces they were wearing,” says Yankee, “with the mirrored nails, we were able to achieve that.” Yankee and her team applied glue tabs to the back of the press on nails and adhered them to the models. The nails were then filed down to a natural length with a rounded shape.

pat nail 6pat nail 7pat nail 8pat nail 10pat nail 11  

Images © Ann Lawlor

Porsche design

Looking for a retro-futuristic look, Porsche design chose the Patricia Nail Lacquer in Covenant, a vampy, deep eggplant. Keeping with the designer’s chic look, two coats were applied to short, natural nails with a glossy top coat.

pat nail 12pat nail 13pat nail 14pat nail 15  

pat nail 16

Patricia Nail Lacquer is available at Ricky’s stores and www.rickysnyc.com.


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