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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bioganix Colon Detox Cleanse

Bioganix Colon Detox Cleanse

This is one of the better formulas I have tried. I do take pain meds though, which makes me more sluggish, which is why I need the colon detox formulas! I found this one actually works better than most. You take four capsules a day, two in the morning and two at night. It has 11 natural fibers, herbs and nutrients in it that are supposed to be proven to cleanse the body from the inside out. Without any harsh side effects, like cramping. It is more effective than others I have tried, that is for sure! This works if you are suffering from bloating, constipation, gas, etc. It is 100% natural. It is not aggressive at all either. That means no pain. It comes 120 capsules per bottle.



This product available on Amazon.com for $15.97 per bottle: http://amzn.to/1GoGsNU.



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