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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Serum, Hard As Nails and Maximum Growth for Nails #SallyHansen

(product photos courtesy of www.sallyhansen.com)

I have the utterly the worst nails ever. They are too soft, they break very easily, they peel, they chip and they won't grow at all. I am lucky if I really ever get to shoot any nail polish that has been sent to me because my nails look hideous all of the time. So I asked someone for some help. I was given three products to try out. I was given Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails Hardener, Maximum Growth and nailgrowth miracle serum. With the three of these my nails should be able to grow and flourish a little bit. So I tried all three products. Here is what happened...

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth 
0.45 fl.oz./13.3mL $5.99
Powerful protection for short nails, improves overall nail condition. A growth treatment that fortifies and protects nails so they can grow. Triple-protein and silk formula instantly reinforces soft, bitten and weak nails. Grows nails within one week, visible results within one week. To use: apply 1 coat to bare nails every other day or use under nail color.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
0.45 fl.oz./13.3mL $2.99
Since 1957, the original strengthening treatment that helps prevent chipping, splitting and cracking for long-lasting protection. A growth treatment that fortifies and protects nails so they can grow. Triple-protein and silk formula instantly reinforces soft, bitten and weak nails. For best results: apply to bare nails & under nail tips. Let Dry. Use alone or as a base coat.
Sally Hansen nailgrowth Miracle Serum 
.37 fl.oz./11mL $8.99
Advanced peptide technology formula enhances natural nail growth and improves overall appearance of nails & cuticles. This breakthrough nail treatment is designed to support fast natural nail growth as it perfects cuticles. You can have up to 59% longer nails*. Concentrated Peptide Serum formula enriched with Biotin enhances natural nail growth without brittleness. Nails become resistant to damage as they grow & cuticles are miraculously softer and smoother. It instantly smooths cuticles.

(*Based on fixed point nail measurement in 2 weeks.)

Considering all my problems with my nails, I was pleasantly surprised at how well these products performed for me. I used them regularly and my nails did become somewhat better. Not perfect mind you, but better. My nails grew more and faster, they  were a little bit harder, not as soft, and they did not peel anymore but still chipped some. My cuticles were definitely better, softer and smoother, even though I pick at them some. 

Here is a photo of my nails now. Trust me, they are 100 times better than they were. I used to not be able to grow them past the cuticle. I still keep them short.

Sally Hansen products are available at Ulta Beauty, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart and Target. Not only do they make nail care and color products but they also make self-tanning products and waxing products. I've tried them and  they work very well.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These were sent for consideration) 

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