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Hello! My name is Marie, I am 43 years old and I Am THE Makeup Junkie! I am a huge makeup fanatic. After 21 years of being an Esthetician and Makeup Artist, I finally turned my dream into a reality and started my own blog. I had kids so for many years I didn't have time to do this, but now I am stuck at home and have plenty of time! 

It is true that my makeup collection is incredibly large. It rivals that of an entire store's inventory.

Above is most of my collection: on the left is my large desk with all of the smaller containers, then in the middle is the large cabinet (mostly full) containing makeup and then on the right is my skincare cabinet with drawers holding palettes on top. I also have my brushes on top of the skincare cabinet. It looks small but in reality I believe that my collection is worth around $60,000. That is why I do say that I have the largest collection in North America, at least!

I wasn't always this way: I was going to be an Anthropologist but didn't enjoy it, so I left after my MA. Then I went to Esthetics school and worked around salons and for a plastic surgeon. My collection has grown a lot over the years.

My husband is Greek, I met him in Paris. I was lucky enough to go to school there after my BA in Anthropology. I have two teenage girls who will be the death of me, I am convinced. And we have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Cocoa. He is adorable!

I was in a bad car accident a couple of years ago and hurt my back, shoulders and hand. I had back surgery and now have to have two more surgeries (shoulder and nerve impingement in forearm). I just hope it doesn't interrupt the blogging, which is keeping me sane!

Thanks for reading!

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