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Saturday, March 3, 2012


There is a great little website out there called Haute Look.  I am beginning to think they are going to be the end of me.  They have clothes, men’s clothes and home items but most importantly they have beauty items. Every day they bring up a new line with steep discounts. When I mean steep, I mean up to 75% off of some things. And the lines are not just some lines you have never heard of, they are Stila, CARGO, and Philosophy. Log on at 11 am EST or 8 am PST and *BOOM* drool away! Let me show you some of the things I have purchased recently:
These items are from a Laura Geller bonanza that were just too good to pass up. The first item is called the Glow Box and has her Ethereal Rose Baked Radiant Face Powder and a Highlighter. The third picture is of a collection that includes eyeshadows, lipglosses, blushes, a matte powder, a glow powder and two brushes that are not shown. I bought this for traveling.
Here are some other items that I received recently:
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Every day there is something new and exciting that they offer on Haute Look. I tend to stick to the beauty area but they have great designer clothes for women, items for kids, men’s clothing and home items too. I try to stay on my mobile app for the iPhone and order off of that. Sad, I know but it is very easy and I set it to send me reminders for any item that is coming up that I want. Lately they have had some great items that I as an esthetician would recommend highly. They have offered light stimulation therapy for acne and wrinkles, as well as a facial tool that you can use to get salon facial results at home. All of the lines they offer are on for a limited amount of time, usually about three days. I have seen some items sell out on day one. Haute Look and I have a special relationship: they offer items at a great discount and I (being a freaking beauty nut) will go and buy them. Let me know if you shop there too and what you have purchased. I would love to even see pics of some of your bargains!

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