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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you have acne scars, tattoos, vitiligo or anything else you need covered up? Have you been searching for that perfect concealer for years, yet have come up empty handed? There are many concealers on the market that claim to conceal leftover acne scars and vitiligo. Vitiligo is the disappearance of pigment in the skin, due to the melanin in the skin no longer being able to be produced. It is a permanent condition and can affect anyone. I have found a great concealer for both that and just about anything you need covered. Sold at www.beautycafe.com, this wonder cream comes in 24 shades and will meet just about anyone’s need for coverage.
I tried a sample kit for light skin. I used Light No. 1 under my eyes and Light No. 3 on my face. Just a tiny amount was needed and it covered better than any other concealer I have ever tried. Keromask is tested by dermatologists, is hypoallergenic, 100% waterproof, heat resistant and smudge proof. It has an SPF 12 sunscreen. The 15 ml tube is available for $39.00 and would likely last at least 2 years by my estimate. There is also a finishing powder available that coordinates with the colors available, it is also $39.00.
Light No.2

This photo shows Keromask Light No.1 under my eyes. Normally I have a slight darkness but the Keromask covers it completely. I also used the Light No. 3 on some redness I had on my cheek due to a pimple. Just a TINY amount was needed and it blended in completely. The key to this product is blending. Only a little is needed. Nothing heavy handed. This product is not meant to act as a foundation for most people, but as an adjunct product that serves a specific purpose. If you know of anyone who needs a camouflage cream, I would heartily suggest that they go to www.beautycafe.com and look into the Keromask product line.

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