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Friday, June 15, 2012



On the heels of their successful Lumi Foundation Primer, L’Oreal has come out with a luminous foundation that is reminiscent of their foundation from the 1990’s. That product had particles in it which made the skin look more healthy and lit up from within. The rage started from Prescriptives Magic in the 90’s when they came out with products that had light reflecting particles that would bounce and refract the light off of the skin allowing the skin to look like it glowed from within. These products were so much the rage that everyone had a every company had a stake in them. Then the hype died down and for years you only saw a product here a there that had light reflecting particles in it.


Now L’Oreal has decided to bring them back thanks to newer technology that allows the light reflecting particles to be smaller and not make the skin have such a glow that it looks like a lit light bulb! True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup works off the premise of the three toned system: warm, neutral and cool. I am neutral so I wanted to try n1-2 soft ivory. This one has an SPF20, a chemical sunscreen Octinoxinate 7%.Going on the foundation is slightly darker than the regular True Match foundation. I am quite pale and the regular neutral shade works great for my face. This shade has more yellow in it. Maybe I should try a cooler tone? I put it on and immediately it looks dark for me. Hmmm. I spread it out and the yellowness dissipates well and covers reasonably well for me. I am not expecting this foundation to cover a lot, just enough. There isn’t a lot of shine to the foundation, surprisingly, just a nice light glow. I am happy about that. It didn’t oxidate on my face either, which is extremely important! I have a large foundation collection and can happily see myself reaching for this many times. ($12.99, Walgreens drug strores).


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