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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Kat VonD lock-it tattoo foundation

KatVonD lock-it tattoo foundation

I review a lot of foundations. In fact, they tend to be my most popular posts! Having a great foundation is one of the keys to a successful face. The other, of course, is great skin. For years I have been searching high and low for a full coverage foundation that matches my skin. Well, I think I have found it! Kat VonD’s lock-it tattoo foundation in (light 42) is a very light color that is just about perfect for me! I found this at SEPHORA while I was lucky enough to be out browsing around one day.

This foundation is formulated with 21 % pigment to provide beautiful color and texture on the skin. The natural polymers absorb oil to provide a matte finish and it has emollients to add a velvety texture for smooth, hydrated skin. It was formulated without parabens or synthetic fragrances.


This foundation has the WOW factor:

  • it covers extremely well, full coverage 
  • it wears for 24 hours
  • it comes in 14 shades
  • it can even cover tattoos

When I first pumped this out I noticed that it was pretty thick. I also noticed that I pumped out a little too much. (the color KatVonD lock-it tattoo foundation_swatchlooks light but my face is VERY light, I have a lot of freckling that makes my face look a little darker) So I applied it to my face, and it covered so well! Everything that I wanted covered was covered. It doesn’t dry out fast like most long wearing foundations though. I recommend using only 1 pump to cover your face if you are needing regular foundation, 2 pumps if you need super coverage. It has a really good matte finish. You might not even need any powder to set it. I tried it again on another day and only used one pump, it still had a ton of coverage! This foundation is the kind to use if you want to cover-up something, like acne scars. It would be perfect for that purpose. Or if you have oily skin, as it gives a matte finish. And it looks very natural, there is no cakiness.


You can see from the photographs above that the Kat VonD lock-it tattoo foundation has superior coverage. It wears very well too. I checked throughout the day and it looked fresh all day long. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite go to foundations from now on. The Kat VonD lock-it tattoo foundation comes in a 1 oz. container and is available from SEPHORA stores or via www.sephora.com for $34.00.


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