Review: MitoQ Anti-Aging Face Serum

Power. Antioxidant. Rejuvenation.

mitoqI have tried so many anti-aging creams and serums. Many have been so-so or not worth the money I have spent on them. Until now! I was lucky enough to try MitoQ. This cream is a breakthrough in the anti-aging market!

MitoQ is considered to be the most potent anti-oxidant on the market today. Challenging the skin care industry with its efficacy, it is the only topical cream to deliver ubiquinone to mitochondria at levels that rejuvenate the cells, thus encouraging natural production of collagen and elastin. This leaves skin looking radiant, with a looking lit-from-within glow! The key to this cream is the MitoQ molecule, a patented invention and the result of over 10 years of research and development by Dr. Michael Murphy of the Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge and Professor Rob Smith in the Chemistry Department of Otago University in New Zealand. They developed a way to neutralize free radicals where they are produced, stopping the skin aging process, healing prior damage and to deliver the antioxidant to the cells mitochondria.


MitoQ does the following:

  • contains a patented molecule called mitoquinol, proven to be 1000x stronger than CoQ10
  • gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles by redefining the skin
  • fades scars, brown spots and skin discoloration
  • lightens and brightens skin, skin looks more radiant
  • hydrates skin, so that skin looks more beautiful
  • softens skin, skin is noticeably more softer within 3 days
  • skin looks younger with less lines, wrinkles and scars; MitoQ does this within 30 days

This cream is a very light cream. MitoQ can be used alone or with other skincare products. Only 2 pumps is needed to use over the entire face, neck or décolleté. The cream is safe for all skin types, even hypersensitive skin. It can be used morning or evening, both if needed.


Before MitoQ


After MitoQ

MitoQ is now my favorite cream! After just using it for a few weeks now, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. I took before pictures of my face and I wanted you to see the how much sun damage I have. MitoQ is amazing. Never before have I had such great results with a cream. This is the best thing I have ever used on my skin. It reduced the discoloration on my skin, made it incredibly softer and made it much firmer (and I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t firm).

Look at the before photographs, you can see significant sun damage that I have (all from when I was a carefree youth). In the after photographs there is significant difference in how much discoloration there is in my skin. After only 2 weeks of use, my skin has shown a drastic improvement in freckling and age spots, it looks so much brighter. In the photographs of my neck you can see that there is a slight improvement in the fine lines of the neck as well as a lot brighter. Can you imagine how the difference is at 4 weeks? Or 6 weeks? MitoQ works! And it works in a short amount of time!

MitoQ is $185 for 1.7 oz./50 ml. It is available via I think you will be very happy with this cream. My results are not forged. Believe me, I didn’t want to show you photos of my skin without makeup but I thought you needed to see how well this cream works. As an esthetician you can take my word for it!

(This item was sent for consideration)

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