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Monday, June 10, 2013

Crack: A Habit Forming Hair Fix. A Review…

CrackI saw this product on Twitter (which is a great place to find fun stuff BTW). It looked like an interesting hair product, so I HAD to try it. Crack is known as the Habit Forming Hair Fix. It is a leave-in styling treatment that also has sun & heat protection. It’s called Crack for a reason: it’s curiously addictive.

Crack claims to be a lightweight, non-greasy cream formula that smoothes, detangles and de-frizzes. It has great moisturizers that protect from the sun and chlorine. The claim is that 95% of frizziness is eliminated! If you style your hair with any kind of heat appliance, Crack helps to provide a great barrier from heat and thermal styling. It helps to cut down on drying time and adds super shine and slip to the hair.

The best way to use Crack is to add a pea-to-dime size amount (depending on hair length) to the palm of your hand, spread around the fingertips or palms. Work into hair and comb through. Hair will be smooth, silky and frizz free!

When I went to get my hair cut I saw a tube of Crack in the salon where I go. I asked my stylist about it. She raved about Crack! I heard, “It’s awesome!” The best thing about it, she said is that it can be used on any hair for any hair situation. Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, ethnic hair, short hair, long hair, etc. Every single kind of hair type responds to Crack!

Hair on Crack

(Long Haircut Styled With Crack)

Photograph of Hair on Crack

(Short Haircut Styled With Crack)

I have been trying Crack out for a couple of weeks now. You can see above there are two haircut photographs with my hair styled. I received the product right before I got my haircut. I used it on my long hair and while I did need a little bit more than with my short hair, it did get rid of the frizziness and styled my hair beautifully. Then I tried it on my short haircut. I wanted to have my hair kind of “poof” out of bit more but it wasn’t frizzy at all.

The product acts as a multi-tasking styling product, replacing many of the other products I used. The only other thing I really needed was a little pomade. For years I have been using many treatments for frizziness and unruly hair. I mean many, many products. What I like about this product is that it does help with most of the frizziness and I don’t have to use 3-4 products! One product is all I need to have smooth hair. I don’t find it heavy or greasy if I use a normal amount. Some of the reviews on Ulta mention that it is heavy or greasy, but I think that they likely used too much. If you use too much with any hair product it will feel greasy. Most of the reviews on Ulta.com are very good, there are 80 reviews for it and very few are negative. It also adds a little volume to my hair, which is good since I have hair that tends to be flat. I use it and then poof it around a little. Crack is very versatile.

Crack comes in two sizes: a 1.25 oz. tube and a 2.5 oz. tube. The 1.25 oz. tube retails for $12.50. The larger tube is $19.95 and is available at Ulta and www.ulta.com. It is also available for purchase in salons nationwide. This is one of those products that is developing a cult following. For information on Crack go to www.prolocksusa.com or call 1.800.645.1616. Once you try Crack you will be addicted too!

(This product was sent for consideration)

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