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Monday, June 24, 2013

Custom Cheer Make-Up from Pretty Girl Cosmetics Embraces Team Spirit


Pretty Girl Cosmetics, a premier cheer and dance makeup brand developed specifically for stage performance, officially launches its new website this week.

Pretty Girl Cosmetics offers cheerleaders and dancers across the country great value and a simple, high-quality solution to their cosmetic woes. With a range of stage make-up products as well as a brand new custom make-up kit options, Pretty Girl Cosmetics can ensure that cheer and dance teams have uniformity in their make-up application, using vivid eye shimmer colors which are entirely free from harmful ingredients and 100% pure mineral makeup.

Colleen Dugan of Pretty Girl Cosmetics said, “As a cheer mom and coach, I have seen first-hand the poor quality over priced stage makeup many girls must wear for cheer competitions and dance recitals. I have also witnessed each member of the team having to buy their products separately, there was no element of uniformity throughout the group, and many of the products were harsh on young, delicate skin. I decided to combine my love of chemistry and craft in order to create a range of safe, high-quality make-up products for cheer and dance teams to create custom looks that will enhance their overall appearance and contribute to the team spirit and confidence that every good squad needs.”

Colleen Dugan has a degree in chemistry from SUNY College in New York, and has worked for a number of household brand names mixing, measuring, smelling and testing some of the cosmetic items that people use every day. After many years working in this industry, her individual foray into the world of cosmetics aims to provide cheer and dance teams across the country with the consistency in appearance that they need when competing at the highest level.

One of the main criteria for cheer and dance make-up is that the color must be vivid, pigmented and long lasting enough to stand out under strong, bright stage lights. Pretty Girl Cosmetics’ product enhances stage appearance, is long lasting and has a wide range of colors, with bright blues, shimmering pinks, vivid purples and rich reds. Whether it is sparkling mineral eye-shadow or pigmented lip-stain, sweeping eyelashes or bold blusher, the custom make-up supplier has a vast selection, all of which will look stunning under the stage lights.

Many teams also find it difficult to find an exact makeup color match that will complement their uniforms. Pretty Girl Cosmetics offers a free cosmetic consultation service for all cheer and dance teams, in which the cosmetic experts will create a custom color palette for each team, consisting of eye and lip colors, eyeliner and sparkling cosmetic glitter. The custom kits come with a free make-up bag to store the items, and when buying multiple kits, squads can receive up to 30% quantity discount, making it easier than ever to ensure affordable performance cosmetics to earn the squad extra appearance points.

For more information about Pretty Girl Cosmetics and for a free team consultation, visit http://www.prettygirlcosmetics.com/ or contact the team

A dedicated supplier of performance make-up and cosmetic solutions to dance and cheer teams across the US, Pretty Girl Cosmetics specializes in highly pigmented stage make-up that is gentle to skin and will enhance the appearance of any cheer or dance squad.


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