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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation

Maybelline Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation

A couple of days ago I was doing a rare supermarket trip (I am disabled and don’t shop much). I always investigate the cosmetics aisle. Luckily enough I found a few new items from Maybelline. One of them was the new Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation Stick. A few other things, to come in other reviews are: Color Tattoo 24Hour Pure Pigments and Master Smoky eyeliners. Needless to say I grabbed all of these items up! The foundation was not too expensive, retailing for $7.69.

First of all, I am in shock. Maybelline has finally come out with a foundation that matches the color of my skin exactly. I have color 110 Porcelain. I usually wear this color but it is normally a little bit darker and has more yellow in it. This time around the color matches my skin better.  As you can see from the product and the swatch below, it looks pretty light (my hand actually gets some sun because that is the driving hand and I take medicine that makes my skin get absorb sunlight more than usual). The core of the foundation has an Anti-Shine core (mattifying complex that prevents shine). There is no sunscreen in this, that I can find information on. They must advertise this on the package and I don’t see it, so I don’t believe there is any at all. That is a good thing actually. It is better to use your own. Especially if you have problems with shine. The coverage is medium and is buildable. In fact it is quite good! I just roll it around on my face and then use my Beautyblender to stipple it around. I even use it as a concealer under my eyes, but I don’t need much concealer lately so don’t feel that it is that heavy of a coverage.

Maybelline Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation_1Maybelline Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation_swatch

I’ve worn the Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation stick for a couple of days now and I did notice that my face was not as shiny as usual. Now, if you were to slather your face with a heavy sunscreen and use this, it is likely that you would experience some shine. That is a given. However, if you are looking for a foundation that would keep the T-Zone pretty matte, this definitely fits the bill. Drugstore foundations have come a long way. They are not the yellow, nasty ones of old that our grandmothers used to wear. The technology that goes into them is much more sophisticated than what it used to be. This foundation does matte the T-Zone nicely. It is the responsibility of the wearer to make sure she is not using heavy moisturizing products or she will not be happy. Note below my experiment: day 1 a light moisturizing sunscreen, matte all day long. On day 2 I tried a heavier sunscreen and it definitely had a little bit more shine in the T-Zone (within a couple of hours) but was still fairly matte.


(left: Day 1 wearing Fit-Me Shine Free Foundation. right: Day 2: I decided to try a heavier moisturizer underneath and see the results. A little bit more shine but still matte enough)

This product kept me matte all day long. The price is excellent. I bought this at a supermarket but I am almost 100% positive it will be available at mass drugstores very soon. I find this to be a nice product from Maybelline. Remember: don’t go wearing heavy sunscreens with this and you should be fine. But, if you suffer from issues with T-Zone problems this should be a no-brainer for you anyway. That is my $0.02.


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