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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: SMARTBROW Eyebrow Filler Duo and Cleanser #SMARTBROW


Because I color my hair red, I have a difficult time with my brows. My natural hair color is dark blonde (or so I remember, I haven’t seen it since I was sixteen). The brows I was blessed with are now thin and have always been very light colored. They are thin because I tweezed then beyond recognition (I don’t recommend this at all). So everyday I have to fill in my sparse brows with something to make them look halfway decent with the rest of my makeup. Otherwise it looks like I have almost nothing between the space on my forehead and my eyes.

SMARTBROW is a product that uses microscopic hair like fibers to fill in the sparse brows. It adds fullness with a tinted filler that will last all day long. The polymers in the formula allow your brows to look gorgeous without any gaps, brows look thicker, more defined and still look natural. The dual ended applicator that is enclosed allows for precise application. There is no need for brow pencils or powder with SMARTBROW. It doesn’t run, flake, or transfer but is easily removed with the included cleanser.

I used it and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it! I am a die-hard brow powder fan and I usually stick to the products that I like. Using SMARTBROW was easy. I used the long thin brush at first to apply the microscopic fibers to my brow and make them fuller, then I applied the brush to fill them in. It dried very quickly. And once set, it lasts all day long without coming off! I had Brunette, which looked pretty good with my red hair. It comes in Black/Brown, Brunette and Blonde. The Brunette color is a reddish brown and looks great with my red!


SMARTBROW includes cleanser, microfiber filler and microfiber brush. This is the Brunette shade.



In the above photos you can see SMARTBROW in Brunette, which looks like a brownish red on my brows. I found it very easy to apply and fill in my sparse brows. To remove, use the enclosed cleanser as it is a semi-permanent product. I found it easy to remove and it left no traces on my brows.

SMARTBROW is available for $29.95 from www.dermstore.com and for $61.00 at www.smartfxbeauty.com. It is also available on www.amazon.com for various prices. The reviews on Dermstore are all very good. If you need more information, go to www.smartfxbeauty.com . They also make SMARTLASH, which I would love to try.

(This item was provided for consideration)





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