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Friday, January 24, 2014

Priti NYC + Oscar Carvallo Couture Collaboration #PritiNYC

The Oscar Carvallo 2014 Spring/Summer Couture Collection—Voyage cinetique II, was born out of a vibrant complicity between himself and Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Converting the Woman's body into a piece of art, Oscar Carvallo introduces 35 Looks showcasing prints, shapes, textures and details created from six paintings exclusively created for him by Carols Cruz-Diez.  With Oscar's special care to details and finishes he expertly mixes silk, muslin, silk gazar, ant lace with neoprene, mesh and metal stripes. With the interplay of colors and movements, the fine jewelry created by the Carlos completes the bright colored look. Priti NYC collaborated with the brilliant & talented designer to create a colorful custom nail art design to match the stunning prints and glamorous gowns using
Priti NYC 460-Horned Poppy, 415- Fireglow, 603-Nigra, 504 - Stonecrop, and 367 - Blue Sage.



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