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Monday, February 22, 2016

TKO 4-Way Resistance Bands

My computer is not working, so I am doing all of my reviews on my iPhone with the BlogPress App.

TKO 4-WAY Resistance Bands

Adjustable Resistance Bands, such as TKO's 4-way resistance bands, tighten abs and sculpt arms and back. Resistance Bands build core muscles while enhancing strength and flexibility.

This exercise item is a smart addition to a complete upper and lower body workout. Easy to use, it is also super-portable and perfect for those on-the-go and its adjustable tension for varied resistance helps customize a daily workout.

Also retailing for $12.99, it has never been more effortless or affordable to stay in shape.
With time constraints, an emphasis on convenience and more people telecommuting, exercising at home is showing no sign of slowing. From a simple corner to an elaborate home gym, all types of equipment and accessories are as common as furniture for today's health-driven consumers. Many popular exercise routines of today, necessitate accessories such as mats, balls, and specialized products for yoga, Pilates, muscle toning and strength training. TKO makes a full home workout possible for a small sum of money.

I used these to the best of my ability (with my back issues). What is nice is that the resistance is not too hard. It is somewhat adjustable for your strength. I need light resistance and I am able to get it. If you need stronger resistance you can get that too. These bands really help tighten and tone the abdominal muscles, which are the bane of my existence. You can feel them helping too. You can do arms, back and legs too. It's almost a full body workout. Not bad for $12.99!!!

Below is the link for Amazon:


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(I was provided these for samples)

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